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No matter the size, style, or budget, up-level your workspace with strategies, tools, products, and self-care tips designed for your space.


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NINE unique productivity guides are here to help elevate your productivity + workspace based on your enneagram type!

Enneagram productivity guides

Get started with more resources designed to help you start curating a more intentional approach to your workspace + week




"Just wanted to say thank you!!! This is my third week in my #5 planner and I’m knocking out my work to do list like never before! And I’m able to track projects — this planner really speaks to me!"

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Funny enough, the built-in passion I have for mixing the beautiful with the functional has been around LONG before I even knew "workspace strategist" was a thing.

My time spent in many different styles of work environments opened my eyes to the unique challenges of each situation, from open concept to cubicle life to working from home and doing so with a baby tugging on your leg... I hear you.

I want to help you transform your space and time so you can finally start making progress in your day and pour more energy into what matters most.

Seriously, so glad you're here!

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Together, we'll transform your workspace + time management with personalized productivity strategies, design ideas, resource lists, and more.

workspace + productivity audit

want to take this to the next level? I'll work with you one-on-one to design a custom workspace + productivity plan just for you.


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A simple checklist is a great start for getting things done. But now you can take it to the next level with specific strategies designed to keep your enneagram type motivated + organized. 

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Ready to get excited about your to do list?

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