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Come on, babes, we’re all guilty of it: our alarm goes off, and the we grab our phone to snooze it…but then proceed to lie in bed, phone in hand, scrolling the latest on social media and checking off those notifications glaring back at you.

Starting your day off with this routine not only gets you in the wrong mindset of comparison, panic, and other things that come along with the world of social media, but it also fails to wake your mind and body up properly. You read that right: there is a better way to wake up in the morning, and I’m giving you twenty ideas of how to do just that!

Instead of grabbing your phone, try one of the following…

1. Make yourself a cup of coffee. (This may be the only alternative you need. But for the non-coffee drinkers, I’m giving you 19 more ideas.)

2. Get up and stretch!

3. Move around; do a quick five- or ten-minute exercise to get your body up and alert — after that stretch, of course.

4. Find your fur baby and give yourself a few minutes of cuddle time. Who wouldn’t crawl out of bed if it meant soft purrs and a furry four-legged creature to hang out with?

5. Review your goals. Are you a journaling fiend like me? Write down your goals (the really big ones that you’re working toward, these days), and take a few minutes in the morning to review them. Think about what life will be like when you achieve them; starting your day off on a positive note is key.

6. Meditate. A few minutes of calm and reflection for the day ahead can do wonders for starting your day off right.

7. Plan something fun for the first item on your agenda in the morning. Figure it out the night before so you have something to look forward to right away!

8. Read a page from the Bible or your favorite book and think about how you can apply it to your day. Have a Devotional? This is a great time for that! The Christian Devotional built into the Revive Lifestyle Planners is perfect for this.

9. Take it outside. Fresh air never fails me, and it’s one of my favorite ways to wake up the mind and be alert first thing in the morning.

10. Set meetings early! This may seem painful at first, but setting coffee meetings and phone meetings for first thing in the morning will ensure you bounce out of bed and get ready pronto.

11. Need a reason just to get out of bed? Set your phone across the room or in the bathroom (with a loud alarm, of course) to make yourself jump out of bed immediately.

12. Still tempting to scroll social first thing in the morning? Turn your phone off or keep it in another room! (WHAT?!) Use an alarm clock — yes, they still make those — to wake you up in the morning.

13. Light a candle made of awakening scents, such as citrus and ginger.

14. Have a friend who’s up early with you? Have them give you a ring first thing in the morning! Ten minutes chatting it up on the phone while getting out of bed prevents you from jumping on Twitter first thing in the morning.

15. Tie it all together, and make a routine out of it. One of the easiest ways to jump out of bed in the morning is to create a morning routine that you stick with day after day. Finding the right combination of rituals for waking up in the AM will, over time, make for easier, happier, and overall more productive mornings, since you’ll be getting started on the right foot with all of your favorite things.

Now, what one little thing are you going to change about your morning routine tomorrow? Share below so we can keep each other accountable! You’ll be a (phone-less) morning person in no time. xo

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