3 Must-Have Workspace Tools for Productivity

3 Must-Have Workspace Tools for Productivity

When's the last time you took an assessment of the tools you use on a regular basis??

Over the last few weeks, I've been sharing all kinds of productivity tips, ideas, and strategies for your workspace, no matter if that's at home or in an office; but this week's Workspacery TV episode is diving into the specific tools I LOVE and highly recommend for staying productive and focused at work every single day.

Check out this week's episode to see my three favorite tools that I use every day and HOW I use them to maximize my productivity and focus while working.



01. Frends Headphones

I'm a big proponent of having some kind of noise (or anti-noise) strategy in place when it comes to focusing in on your work, and these headphones have been my go-to for the last few years.

Stylish, high quality, and portable — they fold up like a little taco! — my Frends headphones are a must for blocking out excess noise or putting on some white noise or background music to help get me in the zone.

02. Refresh Weekly Planner

This one probably comes as no surprise to anyone, but my Refresh Weekly Planner is such an essential tool in my workspace for staying on track and productive. Featuring a dual-strategy weekly layout, each week includes space for both appointments and meetings and for tasks and to do's. Not to mention, ample space for highlighting weekly priorities, another crucial feature.

Probably the thing I love MOST about this planner is the built-in notebook in the back of the planner; when I'm traveling and on the go, I don't need to lug around multiple notebooks, journals, and planners, because my entire system is built into this one tool. Perfect for busy, on-the-go work lifestyles!

03. Quartet Glass Pad

This NEW addition to my workspace was immediately added to my list of favorites, and now, I honestly don't know if I could do without! The Quartet Glass Pad is essentially a sleek and smart whiteboard that lives between your monitor and keyboard, and even includes a drawer for storing your markers and accessories to keep them organized and out of sight.

Just like any productivity tool, what you get out of it really depends on how you USE the item. I use my Glass Pad to highlight four things in my week: my weekly goal, money mantra, daily priorities, and a space for quick notes during phone calls, etc. These four things help me stay focused by reinforcing my weekly and daily priorities, and motivated with a weekly mantra to keep me inspired all week long.

What workspace tools keep you organized and productive all week long?

Questions about how I use one of these favorite tools? Let me know by commenting below! And be sure to subscribe to my channel for updates on new workspace, organization, and productivity videos coming your way!

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