5 Easy + Creative Ways to Declutter Your Desk

5 Easy + Creative Ways to Declutter Your Desk

Clear space, clear mind. While it’s true that some desk users prefer the organized chaos of a messy space, it’s been proven time and again that a clean and tidy space contributes to increased productivity, less time wasted, and decreased stress while working. Not to mention, a clean space tends to be more hygienic — which is a big deal when you’re in an office environment with lots neighboring coworkers and cubicles nearby. Those are some pretty solid benefits for keeping a clean workspace!

No matter whether you work at home, a local coworking space, or in a more traditional office environment, below I’m sharing five easy and creative ways you can tidy up today and start enjoying the benefits of a clutter-free desk.

01. Organize Vertically

One of my favorite ways for organizing that stack of notebooks, magazines, important papers, and more is to organize them in a vertical manner. I personally love using an acrylic organizer similar to this one from The Container Store, as it creates the illusion of taking up minimal space. Vertical file organizers and other solutions are perfect for getting that stack of random things up off of your desk and makes the task of finding and accessing these items that much easier.

02. Give Everything a Home

This one is so important when it comes to minimizing wasted time looking for things in your space throughout the day: give everything a home. I love to use organizational trays for this very purpose; companies like Poppin and Russell + Hazel have beautiful and versatile tools you can buy to use in your workspace for clean and professional organization. This simple step eliminates the habit of allowing pens, paper clips, and other small accessories to float around your space.

03. Minimize Random Notes

I used to be a sticky note junkie — and while I still love using them in my planner, it’s rare you’ll find them taking up space on my desk these days! The Quartet Desktop Glass Pad has been a lifesaver when it comes to random notes posted all around my space. It’s essentially just a sleek, angled whiteboard that lives between your keyboard and monitor and allows for all of those random notes, phone numbers, ideas, and to do lists to be housed in one simple space — that can then be wiped clean at the end of the day. This tool has been such a brilliant solution for bringing simplicity and cohesion to my daily work.

04. Have a Paper System

For those papers that don’t get filed in your vertical organizer, where do they go? Remember, stacks of papers are a quick way to build clutter in your space, so finding a home for them is key. Think about which papers can be (a) digitally organized, (b) which need to be shredded, and (c) which are essential to keep hard copies of on hand. For the essential hard copies, consider using a multifunctional office accessory or desk addition that has a built-in file cabinet where everything can be neatly stored, out of site.

05. Get Creative with Inspirational Decor

Love to include inspirational notes, photos, and other momentos in your space? One way to keep these items front and center without sacrificing a minimal, clean desk is to arrange them in a creative, cohesive way! I’m obsessed with with this simple frame idea: find a pretty frame of your choosing (I love what Target and Home Goods has to offer in this department), and create a collage of these items in the frame. Just like that, you have a literal inspiration board of your favorite things and people right there in your space — and the result looks pretty and curated.

With just a few simple steps, you’re well on your way to a more productive and stress-free space! For even more workspace and desk organization inspiration, follow along with me on Instagram at @workspacery.

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