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5 Ways I Maximize My Time While Working at Home

Where are my work-from-home friends?!

If you've been there, done that — part time, full time, for yourself, for someone else — I'm sure you can totally relate to this: minimizing distractions and getting stuff DONE can be tricky.

There are sooo many other things pulling at your time when you work from home.

To combat this, I've put a few strategies into place that help me focus and get as much done as possible every day of the week, so I can enjoy my time off guilt-free, doing the things I love outside of my work.

This week, I'm sharing the five main ways I do this... and how you can do the same.

01: Create a "work-ready" space

This one happens before you even think about diving into your work. Spending some time to create a space that is functional for YOU is so important. 

Think about the tasks you do throughout the week and how you create a space that minimizes setup time for those tasks so the barrier to DO those things is as minimal as possible. Make your work life easier and set yourself up for success from the beginning.

02: Start early

No, no, you don't have to wake up at 4 a.m. for this one — but clearing your morning hours to focus on your most important work is an amazing way to make some serious progress on your goals early in the day. The longer you put off your "start time" for the day, the less motivated and productive you'll feel come shutdown time.

Start early and use the momentum of the morning to make things happen before the rest of the world barges in with emails, hot projects, and other demands.

03: Have awareness of the day and week ahead

You know that feeling of anxiety when you wake up in the morning and don't even want to crawl out of bed because of so much looming ahead of you that day that you're not even aware of?

Nip this in the bud early by reviewing your calendar or planner every single day. I love to do this on Sundays for the full week ahead and also every evening before I shut down for the day.

Getting awareness of your week means you're taking into account: meetings, coffee dates, appointments, big priorities, and other necessities that are going to be your main focuses for the week. Don't let a Wednesday full of meetings catch you off guard; plan to work around your heavier meeting days so you can make serious progress on your lighter days.

04: Batch tasks

You've probably heard of this one before and for good reason: batching similar tasks throughout the week means better focus, less task switching, and minimal lost time in setup mode.

Batch things like: your computer work, photo shoots, editing work, outreach and PR, content planning, financial check-ins, etc.

The simplest way to make this work for you is to start by creating a list of ALL of the tasks that you generally encounter in a week. Then go back through and see what you can group together, either in time blocks throughout the day or even dedicating entire days to specific groups of work. For example, I use Thursdays entirely for content creation for the next week ahead.

05: Outsource what you can

This one may be new to you, but the gist is this: determine which tasks on your list don't necessarily require YOU to be the one to do them, and consider hiring out that work to another individual who is really great at that task.

You can outsource: administrative tasks, photo shoots, even personal work around the home or office. The point is to free up that time for you so you can get back to what's most important in your work and business.

Have a favorite way of your own that you love to maximize your time at home and take your productivity to the next level? Share below!


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