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A Day in the Life: Work from Home Edition

I won't lie — I feel so incredibly grateful to get to do what I LOVE every single day through my work.

However, while working from home for yourself (in pajamas, if you so choose) can sound ultra glamorous, it's also a LOT of hard work that requires discipline and self-motivation...

Which is why, when @OneWomanShop approached me to carry the #OneWomanShopBaton for a day and share the behind the scenes of my business, I was ecstatic! What a cool opportunity to connect with new friends online and simultaneously direct the conversation to my day-to-day, something I don't always necessarily share about on my own account.

Mapping out my day to determine how to talk about it was easy; I'm a gal with a schedule and a plan every day. (Hard to believe, right?!) I knew I wanted to share about my sacred morning time, my priority planning time, my coffee breaks with the pigs, and — possibly my favorite part of the day — packaging product orders for a post office run.

One Woman Shop Behind the Scenes

I even shared a peek of my *gasp* NON-styled workspace; my space in its everyday, normal habitat. The thing is, it wasn't actually that messy. I am clearly, truly obsessed with keeping a neat space because that is simply how I work best. Clear desk, clear mind, right?

On the other hand, the photo I shared of Lemmy the guinea pig with my coffee mug? Yep, that mug was empty because the coffee was already gone, and it took about twenty shots to get one of Lemmy not moving her head. So, you know...that Insta-worthy shot isn't always what it seems.

Now the cool thing that you can totally replicate — most of these photos I shared were taken IN REAL TIME with my iPhone. I edit all of my photos with one app (PS Express) and sometimes don't even know what to write for the caption until the last minute.

Isn't that the true beauty of the realness behind being a work-from-home solo-preneur, though? Making. It. Work. No matter what.

Sharing a little about my business and day-to-day life via the @OneWomanShop account was such a fun and unique way to meet new friends and celebrate the beautiful mess that is entrepreneurship.

This is no neat and tidy path, y'all, and the support alone from women like those involved at One Woman Shop is something for which I will be forever grateful.

Interested in sharing your own behind the scenes over on @OneWomanShop? Email social@onewomanshop.com for more info! xoxo


  • Posted on by Jenna Murillo

    Thanks, Terry!! It was such a fun way to connect with new friends and celebrate this crazy journey of entrepreneurship! :)

  • Posted on by Terry Gassett

    Loved seeing your your Insta Pics and posts, and this extra “behind the scenes” of the day just tops it off. Thanks so much for sharing!

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