An Open Letter from My Heart to You

I have a full heart this week.

Maybe it’s the changing season or the fact that Thanksgiving is just a few days away…or maybe (truly), it’s the fact that I’m overwhelmed with love for the huge support system of friends and family around me this year.

The truth is, they were always there. Whether we recognize it or not, or need them or not, we always have a support system within arm’s reach. It may be your immediate family or best friends from elementary school, or it may be in a coworker or friendly neighbor. Whoever you lean on in times of need, they’ve been there cheering you on the entire way. As I discovered in a huge way this year, you just may not fully realize it until you need them.

This year has been a lot of different things.

It has been celebratory, challenging, scary, thrilling, joyous, and anything beyond my wildest dreams. To sum up just a few of the milestones…

All in all, it sounds like a pretty amazing year.

And that was just a glimpse of it. But rarely do triumphs and celebratory moments come without trials and hurdles along the way. This is where my support system came into my life in a HUGE way…and the reason I’m writing this post: to thank each and every person who has played a role in my life along the way, and especially this challenging year.

It goes without saying (although, I’m going to say it anyway) that I’m so entirely grateful for the continuous support of close family and friends.

The ones that have heard every mini milestone, every vent session, every detail about design, planners and paper…more than they could possibly want to know. Seriously, those of you I leaned on in every possible way, you are my absolute rock, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank you enough for simply being there.

The incredible support system I found in online and in-person groups in Kansas City — you guys, seriously. The women of these groups are some of the most talented, caring ladies I’ve grown to know, and I couldn’t be more appreciative for the welcoming arms and support these groups bring. Not to mention, the lifetime friendships, partnerships and collaborations that have come of them! And hopefully, not to end anytime soon.

I also couldn’t fail to mention the multitude of people in my life, friends and strangers alike, who have been cheerleaders for me along the way.

I truly believe in the power of building each other up to also lift ourselves up, and you. all. are. amazing at this. Every question of interest, purchased planner, thoughtful Facebook post — it means the world to me, and you should know that these interactions never go unnoticed. Your kindness carries me through on those rough days, when everything seems to be a mess and I realize I may not actually know what I’m doing…it’s your words and encouragement that keep me pushing through. (And eventually, thanks to you, I convince myself that I am totally capable of the whole entrepreneur thing — no matter how scary it may seem.)

I realize this post may make some laugh.

It’s not like I battled anything gut-wrenching this year or overcame some of life’s more challenging scenarios. However, your support along the way really meant THAT much to me. I can’t help but feel overwhelmingly grateful for every moment of encouragement and inspiration you gave along the way, every phone call, text message, IM — you helped me conquer my own personal beast: finding the confidence and courage to go out on my own to chase my dreams of being a small business owner. You were with me every step of the way, and I’m so thrilled that you’ve been a part of the journey.

…and I truly hope you’re there for every little thing yet to come. xo

All my love,

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