At the Very Least, Show Up

With the wedding planning complete and the wedding day a beautiful memory in our recent past, I’ve had a lot of new time on my hands lately. And I’ve been spending a lot of that time reading, catching up on books I’ve been eying for months and finally have the time to indulge in.

“Daring Greatly” and “Rising Strong” by Brené Brown are two of my new favorites. And one takeaway that really drove home with me was the power of showing up.

There are many times in our lives when we’re faced with things we don’t want to do. Meetings we don’t want to attend, tasks we’d rather not think about; we know we have to do them or we should do them, but we’re not exactly excited about it. Maybe the “thing” we dread is something as simple as going to work on a Monday.

In the face of dread and avoidance, however, Brené taught me something very powerful: at the very least, show up.

Sometimes, the best, most important thing we can do is simply show up. If you’re facing something so big and scary, don’t force yourself into a goal that feels unattainable; just give yourself a goal of showing up and being present. Put your best foot forward, throw a smile on your face, and be there. That doesn’t seem so bad, right?

Next time you’re faced with a scary situation, something that has you doing everything you can to avoid it at all costs, reframe your mindset and make it your goal to show up. At the end of the day, you can at least say you did that. xo

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