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You know a project is going to be special when you can already see the client’s passion and energy from day one.

This is how I knew that KCHOMEgirl was going to be more than just a real estate company with a pretty brand. It was born out of a desire to aid others in the process of searching for a home who have been through some of life’s hardships; to help those individuals and families find a space they can call “home” and really mean it.

KCHOMEgirl is “Real Estate with Heart.”

She wanted her clients to feel empowered, optimistic, free, and enlightened. These words translate beautifully throughout the brand design, from the warm, inviting color palette to the thoughtful heart icon, designed to represent life’s intersecting paths.

Follow along with KCHOMEgirl on Instagram as she captures life in the simple moments and connects hearts to homes along the way.

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