Brand Design Spotlight: Nomadic Newlyweds

When a client uses words like cherished, unique, and free to describe how they aspire for their own clients and customers to feel…you know this journey of rebranding is going to be a passionate and intentional one.

The flap of an envelope can portray so much: adventure, intimacy, rainy afternoons writing letters, moments by the water spent capturing your thoughts and feelings on paper…these are the sweet, intriguing, well-thought-out intentions that went into the rebrand for Nomadic Newlyweds. Everything from their rich, inviting palette to their logo and even the pattern detail we designed together carries these feelings through their new brand.

The goal and intention of any brand development process is to find ways to portray a certain feeling to a certain person.

Every company, large or small, old or new, has an ideal customer in mind; someone they strive to reach with their messaging, visuals, and identity, someone they hope to make a connection with. For Nomadic Newlyweds, the goal was to bring feelings of cherished, unique, and free to the client, from the first time they discovered them on social media or their website, to the final send-off, and every touchpoint in-between.

The final Brand Style Board and logo suite is an expression of these feelings. And the sweet envelope pattern we designed together is the perfect little detail to help carry their brand through to packaging and other unique printed and digital design opportunities that are sure to delight clients from start to finish.

Visit Nomadic Newlyweds online and follow along with their beautifully captured adventures on Instagram.

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