Change Your Environment, Change Your Habits

Change Your Environment, Change Your Habits

Trying to change a bad habit, create a new one, or create better results at work? Turn to your environment first.

Simply trying to STOP doing something or even START working something new into your day is easier said than done when attempted alone. Instead of focusing on the behavior, pour your energy into changing your environment in a way that supports the new action or removal of action instead.

For instance, if snoozing is a BAD habit of yours, use a snooze-less alarm clock, or move your phone to another room so it forces you to get up and get going in the morning. Or, simply set your alarm for a time that doesn't allow you to snooze — because you have to be somewhere in the morning.

Want to feel more focused while working? Shape your environment to support this! Work in a space that doesn't overlook a lot of moving people and things, invest in a pair of noise-canceling headphones, and set 20-minute time blocks for getting work done in productive bursts.

Change your environment, change your habits. You've got this, friends.


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