Don’t Ever End a Blog Post Without This

Do you blog for your business, babes? Or are you a blogging QUEEN, killing it every week with great content and a loyal following? Or maybe you’re new to this whole “blogging” thing and are looking to soak up every bit of info you can get your mind around?

No matter what stage your are in with your blog or even what kind of blog you have, this post was written for you.

Picture this: you stumbled on a new blog post, possibly found in your gorgeous feed on Pinterest or maybe one that caught your eye on Twitter, and are completely enthralled. It’s a great post. The author totally GETS you, and you feel like you’re talking with your best friend while reading it. You learn a tidbit or read about her life, then come to the end of the post, and bam. Nothing. So naturally, you click off and continue on with your morning.

Ok wait, let’s back up. What just happened? The blogger had your complete and total attention, and then you just clicked off and threw it out of mind like a banana peel. You might not think twice about what you just read after that moment. So what was missing? What could the blogger possibly have done to change the experience?

Simple: a call to action, or CTA, of some kind could have changed the entire process here.

When a reader is on your site reading your latest post, and they get to the end of your post, what do they see? Are they greeted with your sign-off and left with the footer of your website, maybe an empty comment section? You got the readers on your site, and now it’s up to you to keep them there or suggest an action for them to take. And the easier you can make that action for the user, the more likely she is to take it! Give them something to do at the end of your blog post, a natural next step, and you’ll be able to easily continue the engagement with them. Maybe that means asking a question at the end of your post (and doing it in bold) for them to answer in the comments or including a “related posts” section at the bottom of each post that pulls in similar content for them to easily jump to next. Other CTAs you could possibly use are:

• Sign up for your newsletter (giving them a freebie download or secret post in exchange is a great way to grab their attention)

• Jump over to a specific post or page with related content

• Give them an easy way to find and connect with you on social

The possibilities are truly endless! Just whatever you do, don’t let those readers fall off with a simple “sayonara.” Give them a next step and continue building that relationship for longer and more powerful engagement.

So now I ask (see what I did there?): do you have a CTA at the bottom of your posts? How do you engage with followers after they’ve finished reading the latest and greatest? Share below, as well as any other fun CTA ideas!

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