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 Figure It Out Along the Way

There’s something to be said for the Barbara Corcoran’s of the world.

Those who have not only found success in life and the workplace, but who have done so thanks to their own hard work and resilient personality (that second one is a biggie). I’ll refer to them as the BCs. The BCs of the world weren’t handed an already successful company and told to “have fun.” Regardless of upbringing and circumstances, these are the hustlers who knew the foundation of success would be to work hard, keep pushing through and when necessary, listen to their intuition.

One thing they also had in common was their ability to figure it out along the way.

As much as we would all really appreciate a guide to life and whatever we were about to endure — how to deal with unfortunate neighbors, how to know exactly what to expect in your first year of parenthood, etc — that’s not how life operates. For the planners and Type A’s out there in the world, I feel your pain.

Just like dealing with neighbors or planning for your baby’s first year, taking a leap into self-employment is yet another perfect case of “why isn’t there a guide for this?!”

Sure, there are absolutely some GREAT books out there that can help you prepare, and it’s always smart to lean on the resources you have for getting all of your ducks in a row before diving in. But if you wait too long to dive in, you may never actually make the dive.

The BCs of the world, they find it easier to dive while getting their ducks in a row…and figuring it out on the way down.

But the key here is that you must HAVE some ducks. In this case, your ducks are the ingredients to the recipe of your business. For me, that was having the right tools at home to design and having a background that gave me a solid foundation to feel confident designing for others.

I think this rule applies to just about any new venture in life. Gather all of your ducks and have some kind of plan to move forward…but don’t wait around too long for things to just happen; you have to take the power into your own hands and MAKE it happen. Just be sure to bring your ducks with you.

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