Five Essential Life Tidbits I Learned on Vacation

I hope the smell of the salt water-filled air and the feeling of sand in between my toes never goes away.

I’m officially back from vacation. A full week away was a luxury I haven’t been able to take in years, so you could say it was a needed getaway. We spent the week on a beach in Cancun, filling our time with dining, jumping waves and meeting some of the nicest people around. You can tell the employees here truly love their jobs. (Who wouldn’t, with this gorgeous weather all day, every day??

It was a beautiful week, and I’m so grateful to M and his family for inviting me to tag along on their family vacation.

excited girl on the beach - j.lynn designeryHowever, I’m also so very excited to see our sweet pigs on Tuesday; M has to first pick them up from their grandparents’ house in Indiana and drive them all the way back to Kansas City. I’ll be coming home with treats for them the night they return. And snuggling them for hours!! Maybe this will finally be the night M lets us sleep with the pigs…although, that could lead to quite a mess in the morning.

During my time away, I did my best to stay away from my phone and any access to Internet …easier said than done. I still found myself checking for notifications once or twice a day, but I tried. And it was a nice break to leave it in the room for hours at a time when we were out enjoying ourselves.

I also did a bit of reading on our vacation, something I have a hard time making time for within my usual schedule – just like most people I talk to. I read Barbara Corcoran’s book “Shark Tales” cover to cover; she shared the most inspiring stories and anecdotes, and I clung onto every word. Her story of going from a diner waitress to the Real Estate Goddess of New York is one I could read about over and over again. Highly recommended for others interested in entrepreneurship and business!

In short, the week was full of fantastic moments all around. Going from 60 to 0, I learned a few things about priorities, happiness and well-being that we can all apply to our lives.

Leave the phone in your room.

Sometimes in life, you just have to put aside all technology and experience life sans-cell phone. It forces you to look up around you, observe the people and the world without a chunk of metal plastered to your hand. Instead of snapping a picture for Instagram, capture that moment in your mind. Tell your friends about it later. For now, just enjoy the exact moment you’re living in.

Try the squid for once.

We’re creatures of habit – we all know that. But sometimes, we have to make ourselves choose a different option, take a different path. If you usually get the chicken, try the squid instead. You may find a new favorite, and even if you hate it, it’ll give you the momentum to try new things over and over again.

Watch the sunrise over the ocean.

Watching a sunrise is something I like to call a miracle moment. It’s something so majestic, and yet you can count on it to happen every day. The sun will rise. Think of the majestic moments throughout your week and appreciate them the way they deserve to be appreciated. The world is much bigger than you and me; and these majestic moments are something beautiful we can count on day after day.

Venture outside of the resort walls.

With adventure comes inspiration, and taking a trip or exploring a new place is the best way I know to get re-inspired for whatever you may be working on. This could be as simple as visiting a new store or take an afternoon road trip to a hidden lake. No need to go hundreds of miles away to reignite that spark you’re after.

Grab a drink and sink your toes in the sand.

Sometimes, we need to remind ourselves that we need a break. Working hard and giving every day your best and most energy is an extremely admirable trait; but to keep our bodies and minds in their best shape, we must set aside time to simply take a break and treat ourselves. For me, that’s an iced coffee or an extra hour of sleep. Even the smallest treats can make a difference in your attitude and overall well-being.

Which one of these life tidbits of advice are you going to apply to your week? Share below!! xo

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