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Happy Business Blog Monday, friends!

I’m back after a whirlwind weekend of travel to Milwaukee and Chicago, and excited to kick off a fresh new week!! There’s something so wonderful about Monday’s and the fresh start we get each week, yes?

This week, I want to chat with you about systems and processes within your business. Is this something you already have in place, or something you’re working to incorporate? I personally have very few (some have come out of necessity over time!), but have a June goal of determining where I can outsource or save time on routine processes in my daily biz life.

Some of my favorite timesaving apps and sites include:

Boomerang for Gmail
I love the scheduling feature on this one! It allows me to write emails at any time of day, but then schedule them to go out whenever I want to, such as the next business day rather than 11pm at night. This has helped me set boundaries with clients so they learn my working hours and know the timeframe when I’m “live” and available.

If This, Then That has been a lifesaver in the past, and this is one I plan to dive more into when creating new systems for my business. This super smart app allows you to create “recipes” of a series of events you want to happen when you first initiate it through a particular event. It syncs with TONS of apps you already have and use on daily basis, so why not streamline your day even more by leaning on this app for help?

Google Drive + Dropbox
Google Drive is my central location for files I’m currently working with, and I use Dropbox exclusively for website backups and for sending files to clients and vendors. The two function very similarly, but I have chosen to use them separately, depending on the need of the file I’m working with. I love Google Drive for the easy ability to create new files in a variety of formats. Both offer highly functional apps, as well, that allows you to access your files from anywhere!

Is your inbox filled with TONS of subscriptions that you simply don’t want to let go of? That was my problem, but the emails were flowing in faster than I could read them! Unroll.Me saved me on this. You simply log in using your email address, and it automatically loads all of your current subscriptions in an alphabetical list for you. Then, you choose to either “Roll Up,” “Keep in Inbox,” or “Unsubscribe” each of the subscriptions. From that point forward, you’ll receive one email a day (or however you set the schedule) containing all of your rolled up subscription emails. I can’t recommend this service enough!

Buffer is an amazing social media scheduler that works for Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. (Although I believe Pinterest may be a paid feature at this time.) I use it primarily for Twitter, and it does a beautiful, clean job, and even includes a link shortener while you’re entering your tweets to keep them nice and tidy.

What are some of your favorite apps and websites for building systems and working more efficiently?

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