For the Love of Temporary Beauty

J.Lynn Designery Blog | For the Love of Temporary Beauty

My journey into minimalism has led me to appreciate each and every thing I own...and to rid my life of the things that have no real purpose. Thus, I find myself spending a lot of time lately considering the objects that I use in my every day life — how they each function and play a role in my day. 

Here's the thing — while this may be different for everyone, I think it is possible to love and appreciate objects without living a life of clutter and excess.

Take the most obvious example; I own a product-based company. I create and sell things for others to use and love. Seems a little ironic that I have chosen to pursue minimalism in my own life.

However, every item I design, produce, launch, and sell has an intended purpose, a place in the home. And what's more, most of the items are consumable; they're tools that help you live your life more beautifully, to help infuse inspiration and productivity into your daily work.

I believe so deeply in the purpose of the things I create that this urge to bring peace and inspiration to your workspace overcomes my own personal need to rid my life of everything a product business entails — packaging, inventory, supplies, a binding machine that literally looks like a robotic monster.

Most of what I create is what I like to call "temporary beauty." An object with a purpose, and once that purpose is fulfilled, it becomes a thing once loved. Similarly, fresh flowers bring a temporary beauty to your space; even items such as books and lotions and shoes fill a temporary need, a purpose in your life for a matter of time before you either donate or sell or rid your life of that thing once its purpose has been fulfilled.

You have permission to lead a life of less, while still enjoying the things and objects that make you happy and full. Simply aim to purchase and consume with intention, rather than haste, and you'll learn to love those items for what they are — temporary beauties.

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