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Four Apps to Help Your Week Go More Smoothly

The busiest season of the year is upon us...

And while I don't believe in one magic system as the solution to end all day-to-day chaos, I do believe in building an arsenal of tools (both physical and digital) to help alleviate some of the hurdles you experience on a weekly basis — both at home and at work. This week, I'm sharing my top four favorite apps for keeping life a little more organized, productive, and joyful every single day.

01. Asana

While I use my Refresh Weekly Planner for daily priority lists and tasks, I love to do quick brain dumps of to do's in Asana. This method helps rid my mind of anxiety with everything swirling around up there by giving it a place to land in the app before I go through and prioritize the top 1-3 things that actually need to get done that done. (Otherwise, laundry and dishes will always trump the more important tasks because they seem so immediate and easy to check off!)

Not to mention, this will be my go-to app for all the gift lists this holiday season, as well!

02. Google Photos

Being a new mama means that baby photos have TAKEN OVER my phone — and while I'm definitely not mad about seeing that cute face every time I open my photo album on my phone, I have a hard time remembering to share photos with family on a regular basis.

Enter: Google Photos! Not only does this app automatically back up all of your photos, it makes sharing with others so easy by utilizing a shared album that others can add to and comment on. The grandparents never feel left out when they can hop on their phone anytime to see the latest photos of our baby girl, and it's one less thing for me to worry about as a new mama.

03. Evernote

Any other lifelong learners out there?! I LOVE to read and learn, whether it's about myself through personal development books or business-related reads, courses, and tutorials. But all of this information is only helpful if we're able to recall and implement some of what we learned in the process.

Evernote has been a huge time saver and solution to my problem of always misplacing notes and forgetting information! Now, I can easily organize notes from what I've read in Evernote through the app which also — bonus points — has a desktop version that syncs across your devices. I'm obsessed with tracking my favorite tips, quotes, and info through Evernote for easy reference later on! Currently reading: Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein and The Joy of Missing Out by Tonya Dalton.

04. Food + Shopping Apps

Ok, I'm bunching these together because there are too many good ones to individualize. But they all help keep my life sane in pretty much the same way: savings while shopping, scheduling grocery pickups, and pre-ordering food!

Some of our most essentials merchants have amazing apps to help simplify the experience, and I'm telling you, I use almost all of them every single week. Our favorites are: Starbucks, Target, Wal-Mart Grocery, Chick-Fil-A, Chewy, and Amazon.

Are there any apps you LOVE that help bring a little ease to your week?


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