Get Stuff Done... Even When You Feel Unmotivated

Get Stuff Done...Even When You Feel Unmotivated

We all know that with positive habits comes progress.

When you find the drive and determination within yourself to pursue a positive habit, you create progress in that specific area of your life; you quite literally change how you live — or eat or sleep or any number of other lifestyle changes.

This is why, when I was stuck last year, filled with a lack of motivation and inspiration, I knew I needed to create a new habit to bust out of this lackluster mood.

This is when the Priority Plan was born.

The Priority Plan (at that time, a basic, nameless system for getting things done) has been a fascinating and simple method for prioritizing my list and making progress every single day — both in business and in my personal life. And it can help you get motivated and start making progress where it matters, too.

How it works is simple.

You start by making a list of three categories:

  • Money-Making
  • Need to Do
  • Love to Do

Within each category, you’re allowed to write down three (JUST three) to do’s. What you’re left with is a simple list of nine things to do that day.

Money-Making List
Perhaps your Money-Making list is centered around following up on invoices or researching an online savings account; maybe even finally starting that investing book you’ve been meaning to read for months.

Need to Do List
Your Need to Do list is for the things that must get done in your personal life — but don’t necessarily contribute to your income. For instance, errands, cleaning, and working out are all ideas for your Need to Do list.

Love to Do List
And of course, your Love to Do list is filled with three things you LOVE — a Netflix show, a chapter in your book, drinks with your gal pal…all things you love to do that act as a reward at the end of the day.

The idea here, is to ensure you’re filling your day with things across the board — everything from work-centric tasks to fun hobbies. Restricting yourself to just three items in each category means you won’t feel overwhelmed by a massive to do list with no prioritization built in. With the Priority Plan, you have a simple yet effective plan of attack for your day that will leave you feeling accomplished and fulfilled by the time your head hits the pillow that night.

Make it even easier on yourself by writing out your list the night before; you’ll wake with a clear plan for the day, giving you motivation to get out of bed so you can kick off your day with a positive jolt of energy. (Of course, coffee helps with this, too, for my fellow coffee lovers out there.)

This method for getting things done is simple, yet so powerful in finding renewed motivation every single day.

Get started right now (like seriously, what are you waiting for?) by making those three lists right in your notebook, planner, or even just on a sticky note; or, grab the Daily Priorities pad in the shop for a go-to place to write out your list every day. This pad is designed to be portable and functional for your daily prioritizing.

Happy planning!

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