Gift Guide: Gifts for Your Biz BFFs

Workspacery Gift Guide for Your Biz BFF

You know who they are... the gals who've got your back through thick and thin of running a business, your personal motivators and weekly cheerleaders!

This gift guide was lovingly curated by me (Jenna!) as a fun little roundup of gifts I LOVE for the biz BFFs in your lives.

Some of these gifts I already use and LOVE myself — like the Poppin pens and Essentialism, an amazing book by Greg McKeown — and others, I honestly just love so much that I just had to include them.

Each gift guide this year also features my recommendation of cover design for the 2019 Refresh Weekly Planner for your giftee! The Blush Stripe is my pick for your biz BFFs because of it's perfectly pretty and classic design; it's professional yet femme chic, the perfect combo for any biz babe out there destined to rule the world.

Shop the guide by clicking on the links below. Everything you see here can be purchased online, so no need to hop in the car and drive far away to snag one of these great gifts for the VIPs in your life.

Happy shopping!

Workspacery Gift Guide for Your Biz BFFs

Poppin Gel Luxe Pens

U Brands Binder Clips

Our Heiday List Pad

2019 Refresh Weekly Planner, Blush Stripe

Essentialism, Greg McKeown

Rachel Allene "Yes, You Can" mug

Travel Cord Roll


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