Give Your Soul Some Rest

In today’s world, it seems that everywhere you look and everyone you see is about the hustle. Even if you enjoy the hustle (as do I, don’t get me wrong), it can still be a tiring lifestyle to always be thinking and moving one step ahead in your life and business. We rarely stop to reflect, take a breather or even just a break from the chaos of the day.

That’s why tomorrow, I will be taking a few hours in the afternoon to simply let my soul rest.

I think some people find this time in meditation or an afternoon nap to recharge. As much as I wish I loved meditation, it simply isn’t my cup of tea (or coffee, in my case); and naps are a good thought, but I love to be awake and experiencing the world as much as possible.

Instead of these, I will be filling that time doing something I truly love and whatever I may be in the mood for at that time. It may be something as simple as flipping through magazines, reading a FICTION novel (all business books are going aside for the day), or sketching for fun, something I never make time for these days.

However I end up spending my time, I know it’ll be in the peaceful quiet of our apartment. As a natural introvert, that is how I recharge and find energy; I must give myself love and attention first. Of course, with my new routine of working from home, I greatly look forward to the meetings, events and hangouts I get to do with my friends and clients; but at the end of the day, being in the comfort of our apartment with M and the pigs is my favorite way to unwind.

When’s the last time you took a break from life and gave your soul some rest? What are some of the things you do to recharge when things get crazy? I’d love to hear below in the comments!

Happy Thursday, loves! And until next time, stay inspired. xo

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