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Remember when I first wrote about how M, the pigs and I are MOVING? (Just across the city, let’s be clear.)

Well somehow, we’re already 2 days away from the big move – and I couldn’t be more excited!! Our new place is a tad bit smaller (sacrificed for brand new everything and a fun location), so we took on the task of downsizing.

For me, I’m a natural purger, and this was a breeze. But M took a little coaxing and we ultimately had to compromise on a few things to make it work. (Sounds like we’re already working on those marriage skills!)

I view simplifying as an art. You can’t mindlessly pitch anything and everything, and the things you do rid of should be purposeful so you don’t end up with regret later on.

Since I’m a huge advocate for simplicity in life and business, I thought it would be fun to apply this to our purging strategy and share tips for the next time YOU feel the need to clean house and create a more breathable space for yourself.

Purge old products.

I’m the worst at buying and storing and buying and storing a ridiculous amount of beauty products and toiletries. Believe it or not though, this stuff DOES go bad, especially makeup. (There’s a reason it’s called a Beauty Graveyard. And these products should not come back as the living dead.) I found this checklist online to help you gauge which products are past their prime and need to be tossed. I was amazed at the amount of cabinet and bathroom space I saved by ridding of the duds!

Clean your closet.

Let’s have a heart to heart here: do you really, really where every single piece of your clothing at some point throughout the year? If you’re like me, you’re holding onto a bunch of items “just in case,” but you haven’t actually worn them in three years. Go through your closet piece by piece and make a pile of “need to own’s” and “could live without’s”. Chances are, you’ll soon have a pile of clothes ready to haul off to your local donation center.

Clear out your craft space.

For some people, this might be a single drawer (I envy you), but for others, this might be a closet or a room full of paper scraps, half empty bottles of glue and endless tubes of paint. My craft space doubles as my office, so you can imagine it was a teensy bit crammed in there! Go through all of your supplies, and toss anything that’s close to empty or past it’s prime (hardened paint, etc.). Then, make another pile of things that you just haven’t used or don’t see yourself using ever — instead of throwing them away, add those to the donation box.

Donate your dishes.

The kitchen is another place where we somehow collected a mish mash of dinner plates, mugs and cooking supplies. Consider how many of each you really need, and add the rest to the donation pile. We got rid of half of our plates and SO many mugs. (I have a mug addiction that has been taking over our cabinets this past year.) This includes small appliances; if you haven’t used that waffle maker Aunt Becky gave you three years ago — maybe it would be better off making waffles in someone else’s home.

Barter off your books.

Next to mugs, books might be the one other thing I collect endlessly without ever purging any of; well, this big move of ours was my chance. I decided to rid of any books that didn’t make me feel happy or inspired. Sad novels, books from college I KNOW I’ll never have the desire to read again, and other random books ended up in this pile. Try taking your haul to a store that buys and sells books; you may not get a ton for them, but it’s an easy way to make a little extra on the side. Especially if you’re a repeat offender of book buying, like myself.

Do these five things while you’re spring cleaning this year, and you’ll be well on your way to a cleaner space that’s also filled with things that only make you feel great.

Which one of these purging steps would be the HARDEST for you to do? Share below!

I’ll just leave you here with Moving Pig. Lemmy has been an excellent helper by sitting on boxes while I tape them closed! xo


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