I’m taking an Entrepre-cation

Is that a word? It is now. And it’s my way of saying, “I’M GETTING MARRIED NOW, Y’ALL!!!”

That’s right! I’ll be traveling to Indiana this weekend to spend all of next week finalizing last minute wedding details and enjoying my last few days as a single woman. I’ll be waving goodbye to my maiden name and ringing in the next phase of my life with my husband-to-be (and the pigs, of course) by my side.

Engagement has been such an exciting season of life, and to fully enjoy the final days of it together, we’ve both made plans to be in Indiana a week ahead of time (traveling from our current home in Kansas City), and to take the week off from work and “normal” life.

Don’t you worry, I have lots of fun and interesting blog posts still coming your way while we’re off the grid, but you better believe it’ll be mixed in with wedding posts galore! Have a fantastic weekend, and I’ll see you on the flip side, babes!

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