Life After The “Best Day Ever”

They weren’t kidding…whoever “they” refers to. Our wedding day really, truly was the best. day. ever. And I wouldn’t have changed a thing about it.

It was perfection, in my eyes. From walking into rehearsal the night before to the moment my husband and I collapsed in the getaway car after the longest, shortest, and most amazing day ever. I won’t gush over the details, but here’s a sneak peek at one of my favorite moments from this beautiful, incredible day.

And now here we are, settling quickly back into the normalcy of everyday life, but this time, as husband and wife. I didn’t think a lot would change for us; we already live together and have our daily routine down (or lack there of, with our endlessly changing schedules!), and I kind of anticipated coming back to things how we left them.

But something is different. We’re married now. We’ve officially committed ourselves to each other for the rest of our lives…and there is something so magical in that fact.

I get giddy referring to him as my husband. (In fact, I secretly find every excuse I can to use the word “husband” now!) And I love proudly stating my new name when asked by anyone. Although the high of the wedding weekend has passed, I truly hope we can hold onto this new joy of marriage for as long as possible. With our delayed honeymoon planned in August, I’m sure the happiness won’t be ending anytime soon!

Since we’ve been back in Kansas City, M had to dive right back into work, leaving me to get back to business working with clients and thinking of the direction of my business going forward. Finding the motivation to pick up the pace again was a little tough for me, so after a few days of trying to figure it out alone, I talked to M about it all.

His idea was to come up with a morning routine that would jumpstart me out of bed in the mornings and get to work. The idea of jumping up to greet emails at 6am wasn’t exactly my ideal morning routine (which is what I was trying to accomplish at first), so he had a different brilliant suggestion: get up at 5:45am, throw on workout clothes and walk with him to the hospital, then keep on walking to the Starbucks just another couple blocks up the road. From there grab my coffee (which can now be pre-ordered on your phone, how amazing is that), and head back to the apartment, delicious coffee in hand and armed with the ambition of a bright-eyed young entrepreneur!

Turns out, it WORKED.

And it worked even better than I thought it would! I’ve consistently done this routine for a week now and it has completely changed my day. Upon returning with my coffee (usually around 6:20am), I sit down and make three 1-2-3 lists: (1) money making to do’s, (2) need to do’s, and (3) love to do’s. I make it my goal to complete the items in that order, too; this way, the “love to do’s” are the reward — the things I’m really looking forward to later in the day, but only if I successfully make my way through the first six items.

At the end of the day, I can look back on my list and know that I accomplished things that day, including things directly related to keeping my business alive and healthy.

Some may say this is an expensive daily routine — but truly, the $2 a day that I spend on coffee is more than worth the productivity and positive attitude I’m able to exude every morning! Not to mention, I haven’t snoozed once since starting this routine, and guys — that is huge for me. This is one routine I won’t be straying from anytime soon.

Now I want to know, do you have a morning routine that does wonders for you? What motivates you in the a.m.?

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