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How you spend your time is arguably the most important decision you make for yourself on a daily basis.

Time is the one finite resource we all can’t get enough of, which makes it an ultra important part of your life. Who are you spending time with? What are you spending your time on? These are the things that will ultimately shape your life, and spending it on the things that light you up is crucial to living a happy, full life.

For me, I’ve always found personal development and the people I love to be the two things I so appreciate in this world.

The ability to grow as a human, wife, and friend is an amazing one. Learning and growing doesn’t stop when you finally have the diploma in hand. And the people I love? Well friends, that goes without saying. I greatly enjoy meeting people, hearing their stories, building relationships — but at the end of the day, I know exactly who will light me up, challenge me in a positive way, and be my safe haven, and those are the people I’m going to love hard.

Think about your average day; what are the things you’re doing and who are the people you’re interacting with? Are these positive influences on your energy and attitude, or do they leave you feeling a bit drained? If your response is the second one, I have GREAT news for you: you can change that.

The beautiful thing about living a full life is that we can make that happen for ourselves by introducing positive habits and people who bring light into our lives.

We have that control; change is hard, I get it. We fall into the same routines and habits day to day, and tweaking them even slightly can seem like the world is shifting. But friends, making those small tweaks to rid your life of negative influences and introduce positive ones is so, so worth it. And you don’t even have to make BIG changes — you don’t have to quit your job this week just because it’s sucking you dry. But what can you do within your workspace, on the way to the office, or within your team at work to brighten things up a bit?

As you go about your week, identify the parts of your day that leave you feeling lackluster and tired, and try introducing something new to your routine. Life is far too amazing to always be wishing for greener grass. Start leading a full life by filling your days with the things and people you love most.


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