New Obsession: Commitment-Free Workspace Decor

New Obsession: Commitment-Free Workspace Decor

Latest workspace obsession: commitment free decorating.

Ok listen, I LOVE making our house a home just as much as the next person — BUT I don’t love knowing that I’m making endless holes in our walls for my favorite decor at the time (especially because our current home is a rental).

I’ve gotten creative over the years with command strips and lightweight decor alternatives, but I’m SO EXCITED to share a brand new discovery to the market of movable + reusable decor: Twist Offs!!

Twist Offs are new, lightweight picture frames by ExcelMark that are literally designed for easy, no-hole installation, easy removal, AND reusability. I’m obsessed.

I wanted to use these in a simple and impactful way in my workspace, and with three of these beauties, I thought of the perfect solution: add them to my vision + planning wall!!

ExcelMark Twist Offs

Last year, I decided to dedicate one side of my workspace to vision-related decor and business planning — and I’ve been recently dealing with an empty, awkward spot in this arrangement, so adding the Twist Offs picture frames was the perfect solution to fill the space with more vision-related material!

With the frames, I decided to highlight my three core values in Workspacery by doing cute printables with definitions of each, and they turned out SO cute and chic!

Psst: I’m sharing a detailed peek at my core values through Workspacery at the end of this post in case you’d love some inspiration for your own personal or biz values.

Hanging all three took probably three minutes tops. I simply pulled off the liners on the back, used a little bubble level for accuracy, and stuck them on the wall when I had placement correct. It was such a breeze, and even though I didn’t need to adjust for positioning, I was a lot less anxious hanging these KNOWING I could if I needed to — without making any holes in the process.

ExcelMark Twist Offs

Plus — I love this feature — each frame comes with its own black and white border mattes so you can match your photo size and aesthetic easily! I ultimately loved the look of the thin frame with no matte, but so appreciated the options included with each frame.

Click here to see even more details and shop the new Twist Offs Picture Frames by ExcelMark!

Workspacery Core Values

Inspired Action: Choosing to inspire others to move out of overplaying and overthinking and into action and strategic implementation in their work environment and related goals

Innovative Guidance: Owning my purpose as a leader in this space by providing information, tools, resources, and knowledge in the workspace and productivity specialties in unique and impactful ways

Remarkable Service: Intentionally and confidently showing up for every one of my customers and clients to give them a memorable experience that makes a lasting impact in their space and lives

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