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One thing is for sure: when you return from celebrating your wedding, the most amazing and memorable day ever, you’re welcomed back with a load of free time you haven’t had in months.

To combat this, I made plans to see friends and fill the remainder of my time indulging in books. Books that have been stacking up on my shelves and been on my “to-read” list since Christmas. Most of them were business books of some kind, focusing on small business operations or entrepreneurship…but one was a far cry from anything business-related. It was a door to a new lifestyle, an eye opener to seeking just the right amount of joy in life.

Kate Hudson’s “Pretty Happy” caught my attention the moment it was released.

(Let’s be real, it’s Kate Hudson, my spirit animal.) But it was her segment on Ellen talking about the new book release that really motivated me to buy this baby asap. When prompted on the title, Kate explained that she chose “Pretty Happy” because that’s a “good baseline.” We don’t always need to be over-the-top ecstatic about life and sometimes we’re not so happy…so pretty happy is perfectly great.

I loved it.

I loved it so much that I just had to have this new lifestyle book of hers so I could read what it means to Kate to lead a “pretty happy” life. Knowing I’m at a time in my life when I want to really start caring for myself and my body more than ever before, this book was a catalyst to start that conversation with myself and find ways to lead a healthier lifestyle immediately.

J.Lynn Designery | Pretty Happy

Of course, one person’s way of doing something is not necessarily meant to be a strict set of guidelines for the rest of the world…but reading about her beliefs and practices on living a healthy lifestyle has been such a perfect way for me to consider alternatives to how I eat, exercise, sleep, and view my body’s daily needs.

I could go on and on about this book, but each of our own personal journeys vary so much that I can only recommend you seeking out the things that make you pretty happy. Be open to new ideas and possibilities in the world around you, and don’t be afraid to start the conversation with yourself about what it means to lead a healthier lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

#ProgressOverPerfection, friends. xo

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