Productivity Hacks Based on Your Enneagram Type

Productivity Hacks Based on Your Enneagram Type

Productivity "hacks" are such a fun way to experiment with your day! Even just reading about productivity can make you feel more productive (or maybe that one's just me...).

But, what if you're spending time learning the WRONG hacks and how to's?

Occasionally, yes, a tip for boosting your productivity applies to the masses; there are certain things we can almost all do — eliminate distractions, etc. — that will help kill procrastination and move us into the "get it done" zone.

But at the same time, there are TONS of tips and ideas out there that work best for different people... and it largely depends on your personal motivations and fears.

Do you know your motivations and fears?

You might have an idea already... or maybe not. And what you think motivates you might just be surface level; meaning, it's time to dig deep.

This is where a tool like the Enneagram is immensely helpful! The Enneagram is a system of interconnected personality types. While it can be quite intricate, the basic structure is a circle (hence, the interconnectedness) of nine numbers, or types. Each one of us is inherently ONE basic type. While our tendencies evolve throughout our lives, our Enneagram type is a core part of who we each are as a person: at the very basic level, what motivates us and what we fear.

Don't know your type on the Enneagram? You can take a fast and free test here, or get an even more accurate result with this paid test! Note: if you take the free test, it will give you your top three suggested types as a result. You are just one of these — not all three. And they're not necessarily presented in any particular order. Read the descriptions of each upon completing the test to help determine which one is mostly you. Then ask a friend or two their thoughts to ensure you're resonating with the correct type!

I know my type! Now what?

Once you've taken the test and are as obsessed with reading about your results as I am (who doesn't love discovering new magic tidbits about yourself?!), it's time to direct this newfound knowledge to your productivity strategies!

The Enneagram Planner Collection was actually designed to help each type be its most productive, organized self in the form of a sleek and smart, six-month planner. If you haven't had a chance to pick up your planner quite yet (*ahem* now's the perfect chance to grab yours before they're sold out!), you can still apply some of the foundational tactics to your planning strategies to help maximize your productivity on a daily basis.

Read below for quick tips for each type so you can start mastering your day! And then dig into each of the planners' features for even more details on how the planner designed for your type helps take your planning and productivity to the next level.

Productivity Hacks for Each Enneagram Type

Type One

Ones are great at checking things off the list and performing well — even to the point of perfectionism. Give yourself permission to shut down after accomplishing your priority tasks, and end each day on a high note by highlighting a moment of joy from your day, something or someone who brought peace or excitement to your usual routine. Making a habit of identifying joy will open you up to looking for and recognizing it more on a daily basis.

Type Two

Our Twos are our helpers! They're often super generous and empathetic towards others, and they're always ready to dive in and help a friend in need. If you're a Two, take a few minutes at the beginning of each week to identify what you're saying "no" to that week. Being intentional about the things you're omitting from your week (not just the things you're taking on) means you'll be making space for the tasks and things that REALLY matter. Bonus points if you can work in some self-care on a daily basis, as well!

Type Three

Threes generally do well with self-motivation, but their conscious nature and fear of inadequacy can bring a Three down and be an emotional barrier to productivity. Start the day with an affirmation or mantra to help set a positive mindset, and end the day on a high note by recognizing at least one or two wins from the day.

Type Four

Type Fours are generally very self-aware and introspective, craving significance in their lives. To maintain this significance and stay productive by operating as your highest self, ask yourself nurturing, reflective questions every day or week, such as "How am I supporting myself and nourishing my mind, body, and soul this week?" and "What do I need to hear this week?"

Type Five

Fives are investigators — they're super curious about the world around them and could spend hours researching and learning! Next time you dive into a new project or research focus, set a time block and goal for that specific topic. It'll help you stay focused and on track so you don't lose your entire day on one task.

Type Six

Our Sixes tend to be driven by security; they want to have reassurance and safe back-up plans for when things go awry. At the beginning of each week, ask yourself: what challenges might this week present? By working through the possible outcomes early on, you're setting yourself up for success to stay productive and focused, knowing you're prepared and ready for whatever the week throws your way.

Type Seven

Sevens are generally a bit more spontaneous and adventure-seeking; they're a fun-loving type ready to make the next move, like yesterday! Have a dedicated space set aside where you can jot down any brilliant ideas and exciting opportunities throughout the week. Knowing these thoughts will have a singular, dedicated place to live means you can focus more clearly on the task at hand without having to drop everything and move on a new idea before it's gone.

Type Eight

Eights are strong and self-reliant — but this also means it's vital to create a sense of harmony in their day in order to feel comfortable and in control of their environment. Identify what you're doing for your own wellness every day. And divide your tasks into "Work" and "Home" tasks so you can ensure you're creating a strong balance and covering your bases across the board.

Type Nine

Nines tend to crave stability and peace of mind both internally and with the world around them. They're the peacemakers of the Enneagram. Set aside time every day or week to reflect on a few vital questions to help achieve sense of stability and not let conflict drive you to procrastination. Questions like "What tension do I need to free from my mind this week?" and "What brought me joy this week?" are great ones to ask yourself.

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