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Strangers conversed with me, and it was actually ok.

Ok, that sounds like an odd thing to say. But I’ve been traveling the last few days and found myself in a very content, solo bubble on my last day of train-hopping and plane-catching.

Sometimes, we don’t know that we NEED a real human connection, a real conversation. But as it turned out today, that’s exactly what I needed.

Maybe it’s ok to NOT be in control of every situation and let our environment take the reins for a moment. This is essentially how I feel about traveling on the go. When you put yourself outside of your usual working environment — whether that’s at a coffee shop or traveling across the country — we can practice being open and welcoming to the fact that we’re not going to have full control of the situation. In fact, it’s these moments when we’re able to let go that really encourage freedom and a new perspective on a situation.

Next time you feel stuck or bored or “meh” about your day, make it a point to get out of the house or office and work someplace new for the afternoon.

Taking that time to step away from the usual surroundings and open yourself up to a new environment will help jumpstart your energy and inspiration back into a productive working flow.

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