Something New to Try This Month for Your Enneagram Type

Something New to Try This Month for Your Enneagram Type

You have superpowers.

We all do. And one thing I absolutely LOVE about the enneagram is its ability to help us uncover those superpowers — it helps us learn how to thrive by leveraging what comes naturally to each of us individually.

AND, the enneagram is also great about showing us where we may be a little more challenged. I’m not talking athletic ability; I’m talking challenges relating to how you operate, communicate, and navigate through life.

The Guided Enneagram Planner Collection is specifically designed to help you THRIVE in your unique brilliance, while meeting you where you are and challenging you to expand and live as your best self.

Want to try something new this month that can help you do just that?

Here are nine ideas to try this month — one for each enneagram type — to help you dig deeper into who you are by trying something a little different.

Type 01

Say “no” to anything that doesn’t align with your highest self… without apology.

Your highest self is the version of you that you strive to be and know you are destined to be — the person who organizes their time, spends their money, and carries their mindset and attitude in the way you most desire. Would THAT person say “yes” or “no” to the opportunities in front of you this month?

Type 02

Make a list of four things you’d love to do for a little self-care and “you” time. Then add one to each week of your planner and see them through this month.

Saying that you’ll prioritize self-care and “you” time this month is one thing — being specific about it and adding those things to your calendar takes it to another committed level! What feels good to you? A pedicure? A morning off to relax and read? Schedule these things in advance so they become a part of your week before other commitments and obligations arise.

Type 03

Make a list of 5-10 people in your life, and be intentional about reaching out to them to genuinely check in this month.

It might feel easy for you to operate at 90 miles per hour in your own bubble (one of your super powers!), but this month, be intentional about checking in with loved ones to see how they’re doing. Simply text, call, or even send a letter to let them know you’re thinking of them.

Type 04

Take a few minutes at the end of each day to write down three things you’re exceptionally grateful for from that day.

Gratitude has many mental and emotional health benefits. Take the time to actually write down your top three — rather than just say them in your head — and bring to mind how each of them made you feel that day for the biggest impact. This is a great addition to your evening routine!

Type 05

Choose something you love within your space, and do something to heighten that experience even more as a little treat to yourself.

For example, if you love the act of making your coffee each morning, what can you do to elevate that experience for you as a little luxury right in your home? Buy coffee beans from a favorite place you visited recently, invest in a coffee maker that brings you joy, or add to your mug collection with a new coffee mug you LOVE!

Type 06

Take a few minutes at the beginning of each day to visualize things working out beautifully that day. What does a great day look and feel like?

Visualization is a powerful technique for shifting your mindset — especially when worry and anxiety consume your mind. Take a few minutes to sit quietly, envisioning your day from start to end with your day going smoothly. As a tip, write down a word that encompasses what you’re feeling after the visualization to carry with you that day.

Type 07

Every week this month, ask the question, “What am I committed to making progress on this week?” Then write down your answer and post it in your space for visual support.

Making a commitment to make real progress in one specific area or project in your life is a great way to focus your mind for the week. Visualize yourself doing and then completing the thing (or making significant progress) each morning, then identify the one thing you will do that day that will have the most impact.

Type 08

Take a few minutes during the day to meditate on that present moment. Keep it short, and use your five senses as a guide for focusing in on a still, present mind.

This is a great grounding exercise, especially in times when you feel any kind of negative feelings arise. If you feel off, anxious, upset, jealous, etc, bring awareness to that feeling, then intentionally draw awareness to the world around you in that moment, focusing on your bodily sensations and five senses.

Type 09

Make a bold, exciting change in your environment! Take a small risk to try something new simply for the joy of newness.

I know change can feel unsettling at first, but when YOU dictate the degree and intention of the change, you get to experience your own ability to create something new that you love. Take a small risk — buy a new lamp, paint an old frame — to make your space feel a little more like YOU.

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