5 Simple Steps to Spring Clean Your Workspace

5 Simple Steps to Spring Clean Your Workspace

It's that time of year again...

With the sunlight filtering in, critters coming out to play, and temperatures on the rise, it's almost impossible to ignore the wave of new motivation we all feel to throw open the windows and freshen things up a bit around our home and office spaces!

Doing a deep spring clean can feel like a daunting challenge, but taking it one task or space at a time helps to break up the long list of spring cleaning to dos.

Considering the amount of time we all spend in our workspaces every day, week, and year, this is one space that definitely shouldn't go untouched on your cleaning list.

I'm sharing five easy ways you can freshen up your desk, office, studio, or workspace and make it feel like new again:

01. Remove everything from your desk, cubbies, and drawers

Step one is probably the most daunting — but also the most impactful. Remove everything from your desk space, shelves, cubbies, drawers, and any other surfaces collecting clutter; then go through the items and quickly make a pile of items that need to be tossed (broken, unusable, scrap paper, etc.), donated (usable, but no longer needed for your work), and kept (those essential items you do need or love that need to stay). Move the toss and donate items immediately to their respective places (the trash/recycling bin or a separate bag for donations), and keep only the "keep" pile nearby... but don't put them back on the desk or shelf, yet.

02. Clean all surfaces

Before you start to fill your space with things again, wipe everything down dusting and/or cleaning rag to remove any excess dust, dirt, and crumbs. A damp cloth with a water + vinegar solution does wonders, but be wary of special surfaces (like untreated wood, etc.) that require special cleaning methods, so as not to damage the surfaces. Make sure all surfaces are dry before moving to the next step!

03. Reorganize everything

Going back to your "keep" pile from earlier, now you get to reorganize everything back where it belongs! This is where I like to get creative; can you organize in a slightly different fashion that allows for a smarter, more intuitive setup?

With stored items, equipment, and accessories, there's almost always a way to create a more minimal storage solution with the items from your keep pile. And with desktop items, sometimes a shift as simple as moving your computer to a new side of the desk or upgrading your filing organizer can have a huge effect on your productivity and happiness in your workspace.

04. Clean your screens and keyboards

If you haven't done this step already, it's highly recommended! With as much as our hands and fingers touch throughout the day, doing a simple air clean and wipe-down of your keyboard will have it feeling fresh and clean again — just be sure all devices are turned off and unplugged before doing so, and never use a wet cloth on any electronic.

A microfiber cloth does well on most computer screens, but you can also purchase screen cleaning wipes that are made specifically for these delicate surfaces.

05. Invest in supplies you LOVE to use

Did you throw out a few old notebooks, pens, and workspace tools when you made your toss, donate, and keep piles? Now's the perfect time to refresh your space with a few new materials to keep things fresh and inspired! Nothing feels better at the start of a day or week than opening up a fresh notebook or writing with those pens you LOVE.

Shop the Workspacery Spring Clean sale happening now to grab some new goodies, or check out one of my favorite writing tools for beautiful notes and extra workspace inspiration: OOLY Pens and Highlighters | Poppin Gel Luxe Pens | Zebra Mildliners

Bonus tip! Freshen up with new flowers, scents, and tunes

Appeal to all of your senses by bringing other inspiring elements into your space! Grab some fresh flowers at the store this week, light a new candle that smells like spring, and crank up a new, uplifting playlist. Even the smallest shifts in your environment can have a huge impact on your mood!

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