Thank You for Your Refresh Weekly Planner Love & Support

I've been putting off writing this for weeks, because honestly, it is more difficult than it should be to say good-bye to the planner that started it all.

The Refresh Weekly Planner has officially retired, my friends.

Earlier this year, among Covid, this new chapter of motherhood on top of business ownership, and looking forward to the growth of Workspacery, I had to make the very difficult decision to retire the Refresh Weekly Planner from our collection.

I sat with the idea of this decision for weeks and months before making it official.

This is the planner I started with when I didn't know a THING about printing planners. It's the planner you grew to know and love through my own learning experiences. Your ideas, your feedback meant everything to me. I read every message, comment, and review and thoroughly enjoyed listening to what you had to say.

I truly cannot thank each of you enough for your support with this particular planner over the years; your love and support was life-changing for me, my family, and Workspacery, and it just means the entire world to me that you've been there through this journey with me. You are my people.

Of course, I would never leave my loyal customers and friends hanging (that's you).

For those of you in love with the Enneagram and looking for a soft-cover Workspacery planner going into the new year, the brand new Enneagram Guided Planners might be a perfect fit for you!

These beauties are launching on October 7, 2020 and have gone through massive upgrades this year, some of which was based on your invaluable feedback: larger size, more notes pages, etc. I'll link those here as soon as they launch!

And for those of you looking for something similar to the Refresh Weekly Planner, I have a few similar planners just for you!

Amanda of Amanda's Favorites so generously helped me pull together some of her suggestions that might be a perfect fit for you:

Signature Ashley Shelly Planner

Day Designer Weekly Planner

Weekly Simplified Planner

Hopefully one of these three will give you a similar experience to the Refresh Weekly Planner, something to house your goals, plans, lists, tasks, and all that the new year encompasses for you.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us via email. Again, thank you for the endless love and support around the RWP. I can't wait to continue to serve you through other planners and products going forward.

xo Jenna

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