The 2016 Refresh Weekly Planner is HERE!!!

I can hardly believe that after all of the hours, time, energy and love that led to the creation of the Refresh Weekly Planner, Pre-order Kickoff Week is finally HERE!!!

You can officially start pouring over every detail of the planner here on J.Lynn Designery or jump right over to Etsy to read all about it and start building your own Refresh planner!

My absolute favorite thing about the Refresh Weekly Planner?? I really can’t even choose. Quite possibly…

+ The Marble and Stripe cover options (how on earth do you just pick one?!)
+ The gold binding (because hello, anything but gold just wouldn’t cut it this year)
+ The inspirational quotes at the top of every week (I live for encouraging words to get me through tough days!)
+ The fact that each planner is printed and manufactured, start to finish in Kansas City (I so love this city and that these are USA made planners!)
+ The tabbed pages with just enough pattern and color to make your heart happy (easily two of my very favorite things)
+ The customization available by choosing your two Planner Add-ons to every planner (designed to fit your unique lifestyle)

Ok, that might be six things (and that’s just to start), but seriously, you guys…there are so many things to love about this product. It was designed to be an essential part of your day, something you can sit down with at the end of your day to plan the next one; something you turn to when you need a breather and a place to jot down your thoughts and goals and dreams.

Of course, this planner wouldn’t have been brought to life without the incredible love, support, brainstorming and encouragement that came from friends and family these last few months — I cannot express to you all how important you are to the creative process for this dream planner of mine, and I sincerely hope you love it as much as I do.

Check out the planner in all of it’s glory by reading more here. Or…


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