The Best Home Office Desk I've Ever Used

The Best Home Office Desk I've Ever Used

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Friends, I did it.

I parted ways with my beloved LARGE desk setup that’s been with me since we moved into this space, and honestly…

I wish I had done it sooner.

I craved a more minimal aesthetic in my home office space, something that was as functional as it was beautiful for the changing needs in my work environment.

And that’s when I was introduced to the new Flexispot Comhar Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk.

Flexispot Electric Standing Desk

Flexispot Electric Standing Desk

Y’ALL. I don’t want to be dramatic, but this desk is even better than I ever dreamed. And it completely transformed my workspace in a matter of minutes (which is all the assembly took, to be honest).

If you work from home, this desk was MADE for you.

Currently available in three color ways (maple top + white base, white on white, and black on black), this Flexispot Comhar Electric Desk is the perfect versatile size for most work-from-home tasks at about four feet wide and has a bottom-to-top height range even FAR beyond what I need access to!

As a mama who’s ALSO watching her little run around the house most days, I’m grateful for the child lock feature to prevent those little fingers from accidentally operating the desk, and in case she does one day figure it out, there’s an anti-collision feature built-in to prevent any damage to objects and furniture pieces nearby. Plus, the superrrr quiet and smooth motor means I don’t have to flinch when adjusting the height during nap time.

But the one surprise feature that I wasn’t expecting?

THE DRAWER IS HUGE and perfect for literally all desktop supplies, planners, etc.

Good. Bye. Desktop clutter! It’s the perfect out-of-sight, yet easy-access storage solution that blends right into the desk design… and I’m weirdly most obsessed with this single feature alone.

Flexispot Electric Standing Desk

Overall, the desk is super sturdy even at the tallest height (like, literally no anxiety at all about the durability and support this thing provides, like I’ve experienced with previous desks of this size), and the five minute assembly — no exaggeration — was as simple as the product description shared. There were three steps in the instruction booklet, and NO TOOLS of your own required, which is honestly my dream assembly.

Are you keeping track of all the reasons I’m obsessed — like over the moon — with this desk, and why I’m CONVINCED every fellow work-from-homer needs one?

Let me sum it up for you!

  • Great, versatile size
  • Minimal design
  • Super stable + durable
  • Child lock button
  • Anti-collision feature
  • Smooth, quiet motor
  • MASSIVE built-in drawer
  • Five-minute assembly
  • Programmable height presets
  • Built-in USB charging ports

The desk riser I used previously was a great way to incorporate the ergonomic benefits of a standing desk with my current setup… but if budget allows — and at $359.99 (at the time of this post), the price point on this desk is WORTH EVERY PENNY — I highly recommend you run over to this link to invest in the best desk you’ll ever use.

And I’m so excited to share that you get a little head start on the price with a coupon exclusively from me + Flexispot for your order! Use this link to get $15 off your order automatically over on

Click here to access the coupon.

Then over on, search or browse for the Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk to choose your preferred color and order!

As you know, friends, I take new workspace additions very seriously. 

And this new desk is quite honestly the best thing to happen to my home office since… moving into a new home office.

It really is the perfect desk for almost everyone.

Click here to view the different colors and order yours now!


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