The Mindset Shift You Made Need When Things Feel Complicated

The Mindset Shift You Made Need When Things Feel Complicated

What would this look like if it were SIMPLE?

This is one of my favorite questions.

(And no, I’m not going to ask you to purge all of your things and choose the life of a minimalist — that’s not the kind of “simple” we’re talking about here.)

Simple doesn’t always mean “easy.” Those two sometimes get confused. My own distinction of “simple” at its core is “don’t overcomplicate it.”

Completing a task may be simple — but not easy. Showing up consistently every day to put in your time at the gym is simple in strategy — but certainly not easy.

Here’s what “simple” does do for you:

  • It opens your time and energy for other priorities.
  • It eases your mind and gives you clear direction.
  • It meets you where YOU are, giving you only what you need to move forward.

Now some things are genuinely innately complex by nature.

But what we’re talking about here are the things we tend to overcomplicate — maybe things like meal planning, implementing a new habit, creating a project strategy — that, by nature, would actually thrive with simplicity and action.

“Simple” helps you clearly see the path and opens the door for uninhibited action.

And when you choose to “simplify” in your world, you choose progress over perfection, action over inaction, and true priorities over busywork. When things operate simply, they’re actually operating in an aligned, harmonious state.

A state that allows you to end the day confidently.

To experience true peace in your work and environment.

To show up fully for your loved ones.

This week in your work and in your life, ask the question, “What would this look like if it were simple?”

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