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“Sales” can seem like an icky word to some people. But let’s face it. We all sell something.

Products, services, entrepreneurs, employees… Even if we don’t have a job and are on the market, we’re selling ourselves and our abilities to companies we’d love to work with. With so much variation, what’s the common link here?

In every instance, no matter what it is that you’re promoting, the act of selling always has one thing in common: the person whom you’re selling to matters the most.

The product you’re offering may be the next best thing or the service might be seriously unbeatable — but none of that matters if you don’t put the consumer first. I’ve learned this both in the classroom and in practice over and over again, and I even keep a note with this idea posted at my desk as a constant reminder to be engrained in my every day business practices.

What I want to clarify, however, is that I don’t simply mean to be kind and courteous to the consumer as if she or he was at the top of your VIP list (although, I DO highly recommend keeping this in mind when communicating with any of your customers or users); it goes beyond great manners.

When you have a product or service to offer someone that you can truly get behind because you honestly believe it will better her life somehow, practice putting her first. How will this benefit her specifically? Blanket messaging and campaigns are rarely the answer for any company, so practice finding ways to more specifically communicate your offerings to specific niches.

How do the why’s, when’s, and how’s differ depending on the “who?”

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