The Only Ergonomic Home Office Chair We All Need

The Only Ergonomic Home Office Chair We All Need

I found the perfect home office chair...

And I'm completely obsessed.

I've been on a hunt for the perfect home office chair for a few months now, and I KNEW that with the amount of time I sit plopped down at my desk, designing and writing and answering emails, I needed something more supportive than my existing setup.

I had my heart set on the perfect ergonomic chair.

And then, like magic, I was introduced to Branch.

Branch Furniture carries some of the most gorgeous workspace furniture I've ever seen — but the real beauty is in the price tag. They work with manufacturers to sell direct to consumer, saving work-from-homers like me BIG when it comes to finding the perfect piece.

They already did the research.

And they are able to sell at the best price I've seen on furniture of this quality.

Before I keep gushing, let's take a peek at their Ergonomic Chair — one of their gorgeous pieces and my latest obsession.

Workspacery Branch Furniture Ergonomic Chair

Assembly + Setup

The first thing I loved about the Branch Ergonomic Chair assembly experience: there were no endless pamphlets and papers tucked into the box; included was ONE simple thank you card that directed users to the Assembly & User Guide online with a link and QR code. So smart.

Assembly was only a few steps and definitely required a little muscle because this chair is STURDY and well-built. Another sign of quality that I so appreciate in a chair I'll be sitting on endlessly!

Once together, I took five minutes to adjust the seven points of ergonomic settings to my liking, and VOILA! She was complete.

Workspacery Branch Furniture Ergonomic Chair

Favorite Features

  • The Branch Ergonomic Chair comes in a few seat + frame color options, and I couldn't be more THRILLED to see that white + gray was an option on their site! This combo is a rare find in the world of functional workspace furniture, so I was over the moon about this option alone.
  • I can't get over how smooth the chair rotation is. This is one feature that's difficult to put into words, but hear me when I say the quality is FELT in this one.
  • Seven points of ergonomic settings. Enough said.
  • The price tag, y'all. I was preparing to drop up to $1,000 (and many run even MORE) for the perfect ergonomic chair, and YET — the Branch Ergonomic Chair is currently listed at $279.00.

I can't say enough good things about this new obsession and addition to my home office, friends. It's THAT GOOD. Take a peek at all of the details over on their site by clicking here!

Workspacery Branch Furniture Ergonomic Chair


  • Jenna

    Hi, Braxton! I’m so sorry to share that the code is now expired! I do absolutely stand by the quality and design of this chair 8 months later, however — it is 100% my favorite home office chair I’ve ever used. Happy to answer any other questions or help in any way! xo Jenna


    Hi! I tried using the promo code you offered WORKSPACERY and it didn’t work. Any tips? Thanks!

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