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Get Unstuck with Your 2019 Goal Planning

Feeling a little behind with goal planning for 2019?

You're not alone, sweet friend. I experienced the same slow and steady process this year, spending extra time with my thoughts, dreams, and desires for 2019.

But what happens when you just feel completely stuck and don't know where to start?

What if your dreams and desires aren't rolling off the tip of your tongue, and you have no idea how to reframe your muddled thoughts into action steps for the year?

Making sense out of vague ideas isn't easy when you're trying to craft massive, intentional goals for the year. So that's why I designed a little action-oriented goal planning framework, created to help you do just that: transform the thoughts and ideas you do have into steps you can actually take action on, while mitigating the hesitations and blocks you may be feeling along the way.

Click here to download the framework planning sheets, and follow along with the step by step process below for working through them from start to finish.

The framework is divided into seven sections, or blocks, to help take you through the process one piece at a time. As you'll see at the top of the first page, it's recommended to start by identifying where your area of focus will be for the exercise: home life, work life, or other. Then, I highly recommend doing a second or third set for the other areas of your life! This separation is massively helpful for maintaining clarity of mind while developing these different facets of your life.

Workspacery 2019 Goal Planning

01. Things to Create, Focus On, and Do More Of

The first block is room for you to expand on the things filling your brain for the upcoming year — what are some things you'd love to pour your time into creating? What do you want to spend more time, energy, and focus on? What do you want to do more of this year?

The answers here don't have to fit into a certain format; the idea is to free write some of the ideas and desires that you'd love to move forward on. Think about the "what," not the "how."

02. Hesitations + Blocks

Block two is the next topic to naturally fill your mind — these are the "but's" that come up when brainstorming your desires for the upcoming year. What are the mental blocks preventing you from really believing in the fulfillment of those desires?

Some common hesitations and blocks you may be experiencing are lack of money or resources, lack of time or energy, fear of failure, etc. Write down anything that comes to mind in regard to those desires listed in block one.

03. Reframed as Positive Outcomes + Mantras

Now, let's flip that script: in block three, refer to each hesitation you listed in block two and rewrite a mantra or positive outcome that reframes that hesitation for the better. For instance, the hesitation "lack of money" could be reframed as "I will find creative solutions to make more than enough money for this idea" or "Money is abundant in my life and flows to me on a regular basis."

Reframing each of your hesitations helps to move past them mentally and also creates a resource of positive affirmations to refer back to as needed.

04. Role Models

This one is a new addition to the goal planning process for me, but the concept is simple: identify a role model you feel connected to on some level — someone who has "been there, done that" for the type of person you strive to be. This can be one or multiple people.

Next time you feel stuck with a direction in your work or home life, reframing it through the perspective of your role model can help reveal new, confident solutions you may not have thought of before.

05. Words to Live By

Truthfully, this step can be completed before or after block six, but the idea here is to identify one or more words that will encompass the theme of your upcoming year.

If you're having trouble coming up with these words, try coming back to this step after completing block six. Think specifically about the person you want to be a year from now — what are the values and traits that encompass your ideal self?

06. Ideal Life

Now it's time to really dive into your ideal life one year from now: think about this in terms of the topic you're specifically working on. For instance, if you're focusing on your work life, what kind of work are you doing? Are you traveling much for your job or clients? What are your hours like? Where are you working?

Write down these ideals of who and what you desire for your life a year from now, without any filters or hesitations blocking your dreams. (Remember, we already worked through those hesitations and turned them around into positive affirmations!)

07. Intentions from Block 01 that Align with Ideal Life from Block 06

For the final step of the framework, we're going to start putting some actions behind your intentions and desires that align with your ideal life. Identifying the desires from block one that coordinate with your ideal life exercise from block six, write out each one, followed by an action to get started with that intention. There's space given for up to eight, but feel free to use the back of the sheet!

For example, if a desire of yours is to attend more events and be more social in your community, an action to get started could be "add two events to your calendar this month." The idea here is to think of starter actions — steps that are doable, not intimidating, and that motivate you to make that first move toward fulfilling your intention.

Once finished, you'll have completed a powerful tool filled with:

  • Desires and intentions for the year
  • Positive, reframed statements to combat hesitations
  • Role models to refer back to
  • Your word(s) of the year to keep close by as a simple reminder of who you want to be this year
  • A descriptive list of your ideal life
  • Action steps to help get you started with intentions aligned with your ideal life scenario

The aim of this framework is not to create a set-in-stone plan for your year from start to finish, but rather, to create a guide that helps kick off your year with intention, positive affirmations, and initial actions steps to start moving you toward your ideal self.

It's an exploration into who you want to be a year from now and how to start moving down that path. Because so often, the hardest part of doing anything is getting started.

2019 holds great things in store for you, friend. This I know for sure.

Love this framework? Feel free to share on social! Just be sure to tag me @workspacery on Instagram and Facebook so I can follow along. Happy planning! xo


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