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Vellabox Candle Subscription

Through owning a product-based business, I've gained a newfound perspective for the world of retail and consumerism.

I believe that, while products don't define us or our happiness, they can bring a sense of self-expression, and choosing products intentionally causes you to be mindful about each thing you bring into your home. Where will it live? How long will it be there? What joy will it bring? These are the questions I ask myself with each purchase these days.

Thus, the things I love and recommendations I make are anything but fleeting and lustful; they're things I can stand behind or that have made an impact on me in some way. Which is why, aftering having had the opportunity to try out Vellabox — I am so thrilled to share that this artisan candle subscription box company is kicking off the list of "things I love."

The thing I love most about Vellabox is its simplicity.


From the subscription options to the packaging, Vellabox is clear, concise, and beautiful.

They work with candlemakers all over and vouch for the quality of the candles that show up in their boxes and online. I personally received the Fig + Olive candle from Pontie Wax and was so delighted with the uniqueness of the scent and the quality of the candle. Without even being lit, the scent fills my workspace, which I just love.



I was also pleasantly surprised with the little extras I didn't anticipate — the burlap packaging, the inspirational card with information, the surprise treat; all small yet important details when it comes to delighting customers through the company's experience.


I have every intention of gifting these to friends and family alike this winter! Everyone loves happy mail, but a beautifully-wrapped package with a thoughtful gift tucked away inside? The jackpot of gifting, I'd say.

Thanks for creating such a beautiful company, Vellabox!



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