Three Things I Couldn't Live Without as a Work-at-Home Mama

Three Things I Couldn't Live Without as a Work-at-Home Mama

Here's a peek inside my mind as a new work-from-home mama most days...

When did she eat last?

When did I eat last?

When did I shower last?

What's on my agenda today?

Which emails do I need to prioritize?

How can I group errands to coordinate with her nap time in between feedings?

What's for dinner tonight?

Is husband on call today?

Do any orders need to go out today?

Do I need to go to the studio for anything?

What content is lined up for social media today?

...It goes on and on, but you get the point. Running a business and taking care of a tiny human is no easy feat, but I've already learned so much in the first three months of juggling both — including a few must-haves that make life SO MUCH easier every single day!

Below, I'm sharing the top three things (other than coffee, because, hi, that's a given) that I couldn't live without as a new mama who works from home.

01. Baby carrier

My little girl is only three months old at the time I'm writing this, and she still has her fussy days when she doesn't want to be put down, ever. Enter: the baby carrier. We have a Baby Bjorn baby carrier, and this thing is a GODSEND. Awake or asleep, baby girl loves to be worn, and it frees up my hands to work on the computer or get a few things done around the house. No matter my agenda for the day, baby-wearing is a must for any busy, on-the-go lifestyle like ours.

02. White noise

Mmkay, I know babies often do really well with noise at this age, there are times I just need to know baby girl is going to stay down and content when I have a client call, etc. Our plethora of white noise machines and apps are HUGELY beneficial for this purpose! My favorite at the moment is a free app called "Instant Baby Sleep" that features a "shhhh" looping noise option, and friends: it instantly calms our babe 99% of the time. It's amazing. It's free. It's necessary with a new little babe around. For something a little more stationery with features you can run from your phone, we're obsessed with the Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine.

03. Family whiteboard calendar

This whiteboard calendar has became a permanent thing in our household shortly before baby M's due date, and now I honestly don't know how we did life without it! We use different colors of dry erase markers to signify different categories (work, baby, holidays/trips, etc.), and with my husband and I both working bizarre hours lately, it gives us an at-a-glance view of what's coming up week-to-week for each other and the babe. I love that there's even space at the bottom for quick notes, lists, etc!

What other tools and tips are a MUST for you when working from home with your baby nearby?

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