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We’re constantly surrounded with the notion of thinking big, am I right?! Think big, dream bigger…reach for the stars…conquer the world, etc. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with finding inspiration through this kind of “think big” attitude, there are also some seriously great benefits to keeping an “act small” mindset. And it starts with accepting that it’s ok think big and small at the same time.

You should act small…

1. For consistency.

A common pitfall of companies that start small and grow into something much bigger is the lack of control and consistency that comes with more of everything: more customers, more sales, more responsibility. When you grow outside of what you used to be able to handle, you start to lose consistency with your company and your brand. BUT…you don’t have to. As you grow, make consistency with your brand a priority. If you’re a product-based company, consider upping the ante on quality control. If you sell services, ensure that you don’t lose consistency with the client process from start to finish. Constantly evaluate these things as your company grows, and your customers and clients won’t know the difference because you’ve maintained such consistent and amazing service throughout your growth!

2. For customer service.

This is another area in any business that starts out AMAZING (seriously, how exciting is it that people are INQUIRING about your products or services?!), and sometimes loses momentum with growth. It’s an easy thing to slip on when you’re constantly working to keep up with the sales and cash flow! Regardless, keep a positive and quick customer service policy as your company grows. Outstanding customer service in any industry is such an accessible way to make your company stand out, and if you maintain this with your growth, you’re already setting your company up for continued success. Zappos grew in large part due to their incredible customer service; some would say they were known more for that part of their company than the products they sold!

3. For clarity.

When you first launch a company or product, chances are that you’re turning a simple idea or passion into a real business, and you offer a select number of products or services. (Maybe even just one!) As you grow, however, it’s likely that you’re continuing to add products and/or services as part of your offerings. This is GREAT and totally natural for growth — but don’t let your customers get confused or overwhelmed by the shiny new features you’re adding. Keep a clear message about what you’re offering to customers, and don’t lose sight of your mission and values.

These are just a few reasons why it’s great to keep a “think small” mindset even as your company grows into something big and fabulous. The period of being small doesn’t always last forever, so learn what you can from the experience now, and hold onto those tidbits as your company evolves; your customers will notice and you’ll continue to stand out from others in your industry.

Besides, growth only looks like your dreams when you do it with the same excitement, passion and support you’ve had from day one of your company launch!


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