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When life gets crazy at work and at home, all of the routines and good intentions set in place earlier in the year can get thrown out the window amidst the chaos.

I've been there myself, and it's a cycle that happens again and again... busy seasons are inevitable! But they don't have to consume you every time.

Next time you have a busy season approaching or find yourself in the middle of one, here are my three favorite ways to find some clarity and focus so you can survive and THRIVE, no matter what's on your plate!

 01. Make a strategic task list

This is truly one of the simplest and most effective things you can do when you have a LOT on your mind and on your plate: set aside ten minutes to make a full list of everything you can think of — from upcoming events to dishes waiting for you in the sink.

Then, go through and organize by category and priority. Categorizing the tasks and to dos into categories first helps to visually see the number of things you're tackling, and then prioritizing by urgency and necessity helps to create the order of how you'll tackle the list.

Not to mention, even the act of writing out everything that's filling your brain is so therapeutic and helpful for easing the stress of it all!

02. Let go of anything that's not a priority or serving you this season

It's normal to commit to an event, trip, or project with full enthusiasm and great intentions — only to find yourself drowning in other tasks and commitments, pushing that previous item to the bottom of your priority list.

And I'm here to tell you: that is perfectly OKAY. We can't always fit everything we want to into our schedule and do it well. The important thing to note here is that you're prioritizing the things that do matter most this season and giving your full self and presence to those commitments.

Everyone else around you will understand as soon as you let go of some of the self-induced pressure and show up as your happiest self where you're able.

03. Know how you personally recharge and find peace

The busiest seasons are often the times when we need to be extra diligent about prioritizing our own rest and peace. Because this looks different for everyone, knowing how you BEST hit the reset button is so crucial.

The Enneagram Planner Collection is designed to help you thrive by balancing productivity and inner peace based on your enneagram type. (Not sure what your type is? Take this free quiz to find out, then hop back over here to discover more about your uniquely designed planner layout!)

Check in with yourself daily to ensure you're feeling your best — or at least not totally drained. When you take care of yourself first, you're SO much better able to take care of other tasks, things, and people around you!


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