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Traveling Workspace Essentials & Routines

On the road again...!

These words have been my life mantra the last few weeks as I've been hopping from one trip to the next! This season has already been full of exciting events, family time, and Magnolia goodness, and maintaining a productive work routine isn't always the easiest to do.

Thankfully, after several weeks of this up and down schedule, I've found ways to keep up with the chaos and still squeeze in plenty of fun time to enjoy all of the trips along the way! For me, it comes down to being prepared with the right tools and a semi-flexible routine.

Essential Tools

In my home workspace, I can set up my space for maximum efficiency and productivity — I love having everything at my fingertips for common tasks, and the ever-present natural light soothes me soul every time I sit down at my desk.

On the road, however, I rely more on essentials and finding a work environment wherever I am at the moment. My workspace essentials include:

  • MacBook Pro
  • Phone
  • Planner + Pen
  • Headphones
  • Water (I literally forget to drink if it's not nearby) + Coffee

It's a minimal setup, but it's everything I need to get work done, plan out ideas, and be productive without getting distracted.


Finding a routine is easily the hardest part of working while traveling. Traveling in itself can be chaotic, so giving yourself a lot of flexibility in this department is going to be your best bet.

During days when you're physically traveling from one place to the next, identify when you'll have downtime that day, if possible; waiting for your flight at the airport, time spent on the airplane or on a train, etc. Some people have shared that they focus best on work while sky high. With the limited distractions and lack of things to do, I can definitely understand this!

For days when you're at your destination, either with friends or family at their house or AirBNB, consider beforehand if you'll realistically have the time or desire to do work on this trip. If the answer is yes, make it a point to set up a temporary workstation wherever works well for you and is comfortable for them. 

Also, keep in mind that they'll likely have their own routines and way of doing things already in place; as the house guest, do your best to respect these routines and work around them instead of making them work around you.

Creating space to be productive while working is all about awareness and being flexible to the environment around you! With your essentials on hand and an awareness of your traveling circumstances, working on-the-go is totally doable. And who knows? You may find that some of your best ideas come from inspiration on the road and in the sky.

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