What to Do When You Have SO Many Ideas

What to Do When You Have SO Many Ideas

Ideas are all around us... if you're paying attention.

You might get inspired by something in your daily routine or recognize a need for a new solution or think of an innovative way to get your message across... when it comes to ideas, the list can go on and on.

In fact, it's endless.

They're taking up real estate in your mind, making their home on pieces of loose paper around your space, popping up in the few restless minutes before falling asleep.

Ideas aren't scarce. But execution is.

Many, many people (as in, the entire population) will have ideas about something sometime in their life. Very few, however, will actually DO anything about their ideas.

The beauty of executing on your ideas is the endless amount of opportunity that can come with that massive action! The things you try, the people you meet, the wisdom you learn all expand organically as a result of taking action on your ideas on a regular basis.

Instead of allowing your endless list of brilliant ideas to sit idle in a spare notebook or strewn across your desk on random sticky notes, make a habit of revisiting them and acting on the ones that feel most aligned:

01. Make a habit of keeping your ideas organized in one location.

If it's good and intriguing enough to live in your mind for more than a fleeting moment, get that baby on paper or in a digital file; wherever is most convenient for you. The idea here is to start building a habit around jotting them down. Don't overanalyze — just record and move on with your day.

02. Visit and organize your ideas on a regular basis.

Once a week or a couple times a month, open your idea doc and do a quick analysis of what's there. Have a system for moving through the list and categorizing your ideas:

  • Do any of them feel unaligned with your current life and business goals? Move it or filter it to your "not right now" list. (Note: I didn't tell you to delete it — but move it out of sight to exist as a lower priority.)
  • For what's remaining, it's time to identify which of your ideas (a) feels extremely aligned with your current life + biz situation, (b) has a clear reason why it's important, and (c) is actionable.

Don't pressure yourself to start taking action on ALL of the ideas that met that second criteria — but I do encourage you to take action on at least one thing every time you visit your idea list.

The goal here is to take consistent action on your ideas; even if it's one baby step, what's an idea you can do something about today?

Not every idea will come to fruition, and you'll likely experience both wins and fails along the way; but the more we train ourselves to take consistent action in our lives on the things that matter most, the more opportunities and experiences we'll be welcoming into our lives on a regular basis.


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