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J.Lynn Designery | When You're Just Not Feeling It

Life is a series of choices.

You’ve heard this before, I’m sure; every morning from the moment we wake up, we are faced with decision after decision. Should I snooze or jump out of bed? Coffee or shower? Doughnut or banana? Our entire day is made up of choices.

And that’s just it, friends: these choices that we’re making are OUR decisions.

They’re something we call the shots on over and over again throughout the day. Now here’s the thing: sometimes, we’re going to be faced with tasks or things to do that we’re just NOT excited about. We’re not feeling it, we’d rather do literally anything else. And often, we don’t have a choice about doing that thing. But we DO have a choice about how we handle it and our attitude around it.

Next time you’re faced with a task that you’re just not feeling, for whatever reason, focus instead on choosing how you’re going to feel about the task and how you’re going to go about seeing it through.

Change your mindset from “have to do” to “get to do,” pour a cup of coffee, and make it happen. Something as simple as a mindset shift can make a huge difference in your experience completing the task — and, since we know that energy inspires energy, you’ll find yourself building momentum to get through other tasks on your list that day.

You’ve got this, friend. Go out there and have an AWESOME week!


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