Which Workspacery Planner is Right for You?

Which Workspacery Planner is right for you?

One thing's for sure — if you're like me and planning is LIFE, it's fun to fill up your space with beautiful planning tools. But I will be the first to say that choosing your planning tools intentionally to fit your needs and planning preferences is the best way to ensure they'll be there to help elevate your life and work with ease and purpose.

The question is: which planning tools ARE right for me?

This is a common question I get asked — including how the different planners work together if you use more than one. To help you make the best decision, I'm breaking down the intentionality behind our four biggest sellers from the Workspacery planner collections!

Workspacery Planners

Refresh Weekly Planner

The Refresh Planner has been the number one seller here at Workspacery since day one — it's our only hard cover planner option (as of 2019), and it's designed to be your everyday, go-to workspace sidekick for keeping track of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks and commitments throughout the year.

It's also our only dated product, meaning it's released every fall for the upcoming calendar year, and runs December of the current year (bonus month!) through December of the following year — making it a 13-month planner built for durability and heavy use.

The Refresh Planner features a weekly and monthly layout giving you equal space for each day of the week to outline your tasks and commitments. It also includes a few bonus features, such as an interior pocket, goal planning sheets, and lined pages in the back for notes, lists, etc.

If you're new to the Workspacery brand, this is a great place to start! The 2020 collection is coming soon and will feature three brand new cover designs you're sure to LOVE.

Enneagram Planners

Are you obsessed with the enneagram? If so, this might be a perfect alternative planning solution for you! If you know your enneagram number, you can browse our collection of soft cover planners — in the enneagram collection, we currently feature a six-month, undated soft cover planner for each of the nine enneagram types!

These planners can be purchased in the six-month format, or you can save when you bundle two planners for a one-year format. Each one was specifically designed to meet the needs, motivations, and planning preferences of the nine individual enneagram types, and you'll notice that they are labeled as such on the cover.

If you want to start your planner anytime throughout the year and want something a little more lightweight and custom to your planning style, this is a perfect planner for you! The soft cover is tear-proof and spill-proof, and our signature wire binding means these beauties feature a lay-flat design that makes planning on the go simple and easy. Not to mention, the slim format is perfect for sliding in your bag so you can easily tote it along no matter where you work.

Content Planners

The Workspacery Content Planners are designed for a VERY specific purpose: to help you plan out your digital content for your website, podcast, blog, and social media! This powerful little book is packed with features, including an Ideal Client Profile exercise, brainstorming and mind mapping pages, monthly planning pages, and weekly planning pages.

This book is perfect for those in charge of creating content for one or more companies. The book is designed to take you through an entire year of content planning, but because it's undated, you could truthfully use it for planning out content on multiple channels, with multiple companies through sectioning off certain parts of the planner or color coding.

Dream Life Design Workbooks

The Dream Life Design collection is the most recently launched collection through Workspacery — and it's not so much a planner as it is a habitual workbook! The Dream Life Design collection was created to guide you through a season of pursuing big dreams and goals, while helping you craft an intentional daily routine designed to enforce a positive mindset and outlook.

The workbook kicks off with a few guided written exercises, then dives into the Daily Journal pages, where you'll be encouraged to spend ten minutes a day filling in this page. Every question, prompt, and writing space is very intentionally designed into the workbook, all with the goal of helping you achieve the goals and desires you have your heart set on.

Do the different planners/workbooks work together, or should I just choose one?

The answer to this question is highly dependent on what kind of season you're in and what your goals are! 

The Refresh Planner and Enneagram Planners are great for anytime. If you love a dated planner and want to start fresh on January 1st, the Refresh Weekly Planner is perfect for you! If you still love that dated format, but want to start NOW, there are just a few 2019 Refresh Weekly Planners left at 50% that you can snag in the shop.

If you love the idea of starting anytime, however, or maybe you also realize that you're an "in and out" planner user, the Enneagram Planner is ideal. Plus, this collection is designed to your type's planning preferences, so after taking a free or paid test, you can choose the weekly planner layout that fits your needs best!

The Content Planner is specifically designed to aid with your content creation and planning process. If this is a normal part of your daily and weekly routine, the Content Planner is the perfect place to corral all of your ideas and plans into one beautiful and portable little planner.

The Dream Life Design collection is hard to compare, because as I mentioned, it's not a planner at all! The DLD workbooks serve an entirely different purpose. They're created to be a 10-minute-a-day routine with the specific intention of helping you stay aligned (in mindset and actions) with your higher level goals! So the DLD workbook is a perfect addition to your collection if there's something big you're working toward this quarter/year or simply want to start working more goal-oriented intentionality into your day.

What do you use?

This is another question I get often and love to answer!

The Refresh Weekly Planner is my literal sidekick in the workspace — it goes with me everywhere and holds ALL of my plans for both work and home life, including other important information. Thanks to the lined pages in the back of the planner, it's also my notebook on the go when I need to jot down some notes or things to remember while I'm out and about.

In addition, the Content Planner is where my social media planning magic happens! I love to color code in this planner based on the different social media outlets — for me, the big three that I plan for are Instagram, Workspacery TV (my YouTube channel), and my weekly Five Minute Monday newsletter. I love to look ahead about two months at a time, but sit down once a week to confirm what's coming up and make sure I have content prepared for the week.

The newest addition to my planning collection is my Dream Life Design workbook. As I approach a new season of being a mama while continuing to run the business, this book has been crucial for helping me create a positive mindset and vision for the life I'm creating in this new chapter. Both this and the Content Planner live in my workspace at home, while the Refresh Planner goes with me everywhere!

Curious to know more about each collection? You can browse the site or navigate below to see each planner in more detail! And if you still have questions about the best option for you, feel free to email our team anytime at hello@workspacery.com or message me directly on Instagram, @workspacery.

2019 Refresh Weekly Planner

Enneagram Planner

Content Planner

Dream Life Design Workbook

Happy planning, friends! xo

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