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Fellow mamas, this one’s for you this week!
(But I’ve already had so many others sharing how this list has helped them, too — so take a peek below regardless!)

Listen: I’ve scoured the internets, and there straight up isn’t enough content out there for mamas trying to balance the load of littles + work life… so I’m DIVING IN.

(And psst: these tips are completelyyy applicable to every mama! Your job is non-stop, no matter what the details are.)

Let’s gooooo 👇🏼

01. Do it all without doing it ALL

First, understand this: not every task will carry equal weight. Start looking at which tasks in your work actually lead to impactful results, and focus on THOSE. This may mean outsourcing or letting go of other tasks in this season of life. Your availability for focused effort may be slim, but you can make it highly efficient when you prioritize the tasks that are moving the needle. (Also called the Pareto Principle or 80/20 rule: which 20% of your tasks create 80% of your results?)

02. Set designated on / off times for your work

If you have the luxury of a decent sleep schedule for your littles, start setting specific “on” and “off” times for your work; maybe you wake up two hours before the rest of the house and get your best work done early. (Even after 7-8 hours of sleep!) And then have set “off” time for when you’ll have focused, no-phones family time daily.

03. Which tasks you can do WITH your littles?

Hear me out: some tasks are doable while baby-wearing or getting your toddlers involved! My 2 yr old loves to help mama “package orders” (I literally just hand her scraps for recycling) and is a great video/photo buddy when I’m creating content. OR maybe their independent play time happens while you’re in the same room knocking out a project. You can even invite them to help with household chores (laundry, etc.) Experiment a little with doable tasks while they’re nearby. You’ll find yourself checking tasks off your list more frequently, and they’ll get a glimpse at how hard you work for your family + home!

04. Use Parkinson’s Law to get more done

This law states that the amount of work expands to fill the time available for its completion. Combat the trap of spending an entire day on one task by setting a timer for your focused attention. Get as much done on that one task as possible during the timed work session. Make it a goal to focus on progress over perfection in this time. The more you practice imperfect action, the easier (and more fun!) these focused work sessions will become.

05. Clear the mind clutter daily

Maybe more than most, you may tend to keep an endless list of things to remember, know, and do in your head at all hours of the day. Give yourself some relief from the mind clutter by doing daily brain dump sessions on paper. Make this an easy, five-minute part of your morning or evening routine, and keep it organized by using the same format / location every time. This simple practice will help to clear your head AND get a higher level view of your list so you can prioritize appropriately.

06. Automate the most!

There’s a lot in mamahood that requires your full self — and personally, I wouldn’t have it any other way. So that means that saving time and energy in my business by automating replies, supply reorders, and other tasks is a great way to keep my energy focused on the bigger tasks and things that matter. What else can you automate through the use of emails, tech, templates, etc.? (If only I could automate those diaper changes… 🤣)

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