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It’s that time of year… the time when you want to curl up with a good book, your favorite sweater, and a hot cup of whatever-you-most-prefer — because the temps are *finally* cooling down and trees are beginning their magical transformation into vibrant colors of reds and oranges and yellows.

When you work from home, this is the perfect time of year to start incorporating some of these cozy vibes into your workspace with a little seasonal refresh.

Here are my four favorite ways to cozy-fy your space for the changing seasons:

01. Add in some cozy new textures

You don’t have to splurge on a new rug to bring new textiles to your space. Think of smaller ways to incorporate those cozy, woven textures — chair pillows, blankets, cardigans, a crocheted drink coozie, and simple woven wall hangings are all great ways to bring some of those softer, inviting textures into your space for next to nothing.

Other great ways to work in those cozy textures? Try framing some fall-esque fabric or wrapping hardcover books on your desk in colored fabric for a subtle update that can be reused again and again.

02. Spice up your aromatherapy

Fall is famous for it’s many warm, comforting aromas… invite these scents into your space in the form of diffusers, candles, and essential oils this season. My personal favorites right now are pumpkin (of course) and woodsy scents with a touch of spice.

03. Give your desk a splash of vibrant color

The colors that show up this time of year are the absolute BEST. Rich, vibrant, and full of life… I could spend forever staring at nature this time of year. Bring a little nature into your space with a fresh autumnal bouquet for your desk. 

Want to take it a step further? Switch out your planner pens for seasonal colors! I’m using rich golds and oranges this month to keep the cozy aesthetic in my daily task list.

04. Refresh your tech

A super simple way to bring some more of the autumnal vibes to your workspace is to refresh your computer and phone backgrounds with something a little more comforting. I release a free tech calendar every month to keep your tech fresh and organized (here’s the October calendar), or you can hop over to a site like unsplash.com to download a beautiful autumn photo you can then use as a computer or mobile wallpaper.

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