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Nine weekly, self-dated planners designed to help your enneagram type


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You were built with unique motivations, desires, strengths, and areas of need… but so many planners are designed for a one-size-fits-all system.

If you’ve been down the path of trying so many different planner layouts, you already know this. You’re tired of grabbing the latest trendy planner off the shelf at Target with high hopes of THIS being *the* planner, only to realize two weeks in that it’s NOT, in fact, the magical solution you hoped it would be.

So, maybe you try another one… and the cycle continues.


That’s why I created:

The Enneagram Planner Collection

Plan and organize your week with your type’s Enneagram Planner so you can stay focused, accomplish your most impactful tasks, and get back to what matters most every single day.

Weekly layout created specifically for your type

Type-specific exercises designed to help you thrive

Monthly “Ideas to Try” just for your type

Built-in notebook for ideas, lists, and planning

6-month format + 6 additional monthly layouts in the “Looking Forward” section

No more one-size-fits-all. This collection is designed to meet you right where you are right now.

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type 01 weekly layout

type 02 weekly layout

type 03 weekly layout

type 04 weekly layout

type 05 weekly layout

type 06 weekly layout

type 07 weekly layout

type 08 weekly layout

type 09 weekly layout

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tools to thrive section created for your type

monthly layout with type-specific “Ideas to Try”

6-month “Looking Forward” section to round out your year

built-in notebook for notes,lists, and brilliant ideas

more interior details

at the interior layouts

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"OMG! You have just completely upleveled my thoughts + expectations of planners from this moment on.

This thing is GENIUS & so incredibly thought out in every possible way!"


Common Qs + as:

Is this a dated planner?

No, the Enneagram Planners are self-dated — meaning you can start and stop whenever you need to without losing pages along the way!

How soon do these ship?

All planners currently ship within 3-4 business days. Be on the lookout for your shipping notification for tracking info!

Do you have any gifting options?

Yes! All planners come wrapped and “giftable” (we’re all about packaging over here), and if you’d like to add a personalized note, simply add it in the “Order Notes” box at checkout! Or follow up via email with your gift note request at hello@workspacery.com.

Can we order a planner other than our type? Is the enneagram type prevalent in the design?

I have many customers order a planner that differs from their enneagram type! While the layouts are intentionally designed to help each individual type thrive, the actual “number” only shows up on the cover and a couple places within the planner — but not within the weekly or monthly layouts. Customers will often order their wing planner or tri-type planner!

Why are they in a six-month format?

The six-month format was intentionally designed to keep the planner at a portable size while being able to prioritize high quality paper for a luxurious, everyday experience. The planner also includes a “Looking Forward” section featuring an additional six months of planning; so you can plan for a full year from a monthly standpoint.

Is there a perk to purchasing two for a full year?

Yes! When you bundle two planners of the same type, you automatically get a highly discounted price on the set. You can even choose two different binding colors by making a note in the “Order Notes” section in your cart. 

How do you choose what goes into each planner?

Through lots of research about the enneagram, psychology, and my own background in layout design! While the nine planners are similar in their minimal interiors and cover designs, the actual exercises, prompts, and layout structures are vastly different from planner to planner. For this collection, I focused on each type’s motivations, desires, strengths, and areas of need for inner peace and balance when crafting the individual layouts. There was also quite a bit of customer feedback involved, which greatly helped to shape the Edition II planners this year!

Is this available in a digital version?

Coming this fall! :)

"The layout makes it so much more functional for me!

I don’t have that situation where I get off track and the whole thing is wasted. For me, it works more like a glorified list that is more flexible to my lifestyle and unpredictable completion rate of tasks."


meet the designer

hi, I'm jenna!

So wonderful to meet you!
(And if we've met before, hey girl hey — I'm thrilled to see you here!)

I'm Jenna, the Workspace + Productivity Strategist behind Workspacery, and I'm completely obsessed with helping you transform your space and time so you can finally start making progress in your day and pour more energy into what matters most.

I believe in a holistic take on productivity... incorporating elements of your environment, strategy, tools, and self-care to cultivate a well-balanced approach for getting things done in a calm, organized, fulfilling way.

The Enneagram Planner Collection makes the most of the "strategy + tools" pillars of productivity, giving you a beautiful foundation for curating wellness in your workspace.

I'm honored you're here! Thanks for stopping by to check out all the details of the Enneagram Planner Collection, Edition II. xoxo


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