Minimally designed and featuring the dual weekly layout loved by all since day one, the 2019 Refresh Weekly Planner is taking your productivity and planning to the next level this year with intentional upgrades that make all the difference.

This year's edition of the Refresh Planner gives you the space to plan your month and week, map out a strategic plan for any big goals on your horizon, make all the lists with the built-in notebook, and more.

Planner Features:

• THREE cover options this year!
• Weekly layout including task + time organization
• Monthly layout
• Yearly overview
• December 2018 included (bonus month!)
• Goal planning section
• Cut-out planner bookmarks
• Full lined pages section for notes, lists, and more
• Hard cover with gold, wire-o binding for lay-flat design
• Pocket inside front cover
• Slimmer, lightweight design
• 116 sheets (232 pages)
• 6.875” wide x 8.5” tall x 1” thick (including wire binding)

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The monthly and weekly layout you already know and love is the cornerstone of the 2019 Refresh Weekly Planner. Featuring the minimal, dual appointment + task weekly layout and including new prompts to align with your goal planning, planning your day, week, and month in the Refresh Planner will be your favorite reason to have this beauty at your side every single day.


The goal planning section of the Refresh Planner got a BIG upgrade this year! Setting goals and intentions for the year takes a perfect balance of visualization and action-oriented strategy. This year's edition features guided sections to help create relevant, impactful goals, as well as in-depth tips for following through on the things that matter most.


The built-in notebook is a favorite feature from past customers, and it's staying for the 2019 Refresh Weekly Planner! 50 lined pages built into the back of your planner means there's no need to carry an extra notebook or use your calendar planning pages for random lists. Plus, when you're finished with those pages, simply tear them out without affecting any of the calendar pages.

2019 Refresh Weekly Planners

Designer Note: Planner Imperfection + Free Gift

This year's edition of the Refresh Weekly Planner includes a tiny imperfection — on the bonus December 2018 calendar month spread, the preview calendar for Jan 2019 in the bottom right corner had a design error in print, unfortunately. Just so you don't get off track by even a day, we've already covered the blip in your planner with a simple sticker that blends right in with the planner design on that spread.

Because we take these things seriously, we wanted you to know firsthand. AND, why not sticker-fy your planner and take it to the next level?! As a thank you, we're including a FREE limited-edition Workspacery sticker pack with EVERY ORDER this year!!! No need to do anything on your end; your order will already be packaged with this fun freebie, on us.

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