About Workspacery

There's something magical about beautiful, handmade, and thoughtfully-designed planning tools, am I right?

Taking your productivity and peace of mind to the next level with planners designed just for you is my jam. Just add coffee.

Jenna Murillo Workspacery
Welcome to Workspacery, friend. I'm Jenna, the gal behind the brand, and I am next-level obsessed with the joy that comes from a fresh page in your planner, a hot cup of coffee, and a to do list to tackle the day... or world. Whichever is more your speed.
This paper obsession of mine has led my design career back to my very first loves: to that of planners and lists and productivity tools. I'm so proud to share that 100% of Workspacery softcover books are designed by me, produced locally in Evansville, IN, and packaged by hand.

Ready to choose the perfect planner that gives you that next-level, conquer-the-world kind of joy? Shop the latest collection below!